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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Besa wins prize in Ohrid festival.

Besa at Ohrid festival -Click for full view
In a previous article we informed about the participation of Besa Kokedhima in  the Ohrid festival in Macedonia. Now she wrote on her facebook fanpage about the outcome of the festival. She achieved winnning the prize "Best Performance" with the song "Versus" she competed with against 25 other particpants from the whole Balkan, one of them being Marko Kon, Serbian represantative 2009 in ESC, according to the Iliria News Agency.

Congrations to Besa. :)

Saturday 28 August 2010

Exclusive: Dorina Garuci Interview!

Dorina Garuci: "Still don't know if I'm going to participate this year again"

Dorina Garuci
Dorina Garuci, participant in the last two "Festivali i kenges", the Albanian National Final for the Eurovision Songcontest, talks with us about her previous experiences on the FK stage and future plans.
She was participant in the Albanian "Idol" version and was together with Kejsi Tola (Esc 09) under in the final round. In 2 years she has already made a name in the Albanian music scene and it's our pleasure to promote this fantastic voice on our page.
Read the full interview translated from Albanian into English below.

Hi Dorina, last year it has been your second participation in the "Festivali i kenges". Could you imagine to represent Albania at the ESC one day?
For me it has been a pleasure to take part in this festival. Surely, the live singing has attracted me to take part.

Fans of the ESC who have listened to the song "Sekreti i dashurise" in the National final last year said that the song had similarities to the Song "Hero" by Charlotte Perelli from Sweden in ESC 2008. Have already heard "Hero" and what do you say about those rumours?
I have heard of these rumours and also listened to the song "Hero", but i can tell you that all in all there are 7 notes similar, which lets both songs seem "confusingly" similar. The harmony of the two songs though, is different from one each other. It means, that maybe the songs may seem similar to the untrained ear of the mass, but for the professional musician it is simply a coincidence, as the harmonies of the songs are completely different.

Will we see you on the FK stage this december again?
I still don't know if I'm going to participate this year again, because it is one intense year for me as I am in my last school year and i have to invest much into it. Nevertheless, we'll see the offers. :)

From RTSH till now we haven't received any information about the dates of the next Festivali.i.K. You as an artist, do you have any information yet about the next edition of the F.K.?
About the dates I only know that the closeline for songsubmissions is in mid-October, while the FK nights will take place probably in Mid-December.

What are other future plans of you? Want to greet your fans of
Most recently we have produced a clip to the song "Me ty prane zemres". To all my fans, I hope you'll like it :)

Thank you very much for the interview !     

   Dorina Garuci - Sekreti i dashurise - Festivali i kenges 2009

Besa K. to represent Albania in Ohrid Festival

Besa Kokedhima
Besa Kokedhima, former participant in the Albanian National Final (08 & 09 ) is going to take part in the Ohrid Festival in Macedonia today (28th of August 2010) for Albania with the song "Versus" and is going to compete against 13 other contestants from all over Balkan.
More about the outcome as soon as available.

You can listen to the Albanian Version of "Versus" here below. There is also an English version of Versus (Link)

Thursday 26 August 2010

News of the Albanian ESC Stars...

First news comes from the Albanian local magazine "Anabel", which held an Interview with Ledina Celo (Esc 05), who seems to have returned to Albania, after being part of a british dance show and recording the single "Dangerous" which was remixed by Scotty, a famous DJ.
Photo of the magazine "Anabel"
In the interview she told the magazine that she would like to take part more in Albanian music competitions in near future. Whether the next "Festivali i kenges" belongs to one of these Festivals is yet unknown. contacted Ledina and is yet waiting for a respond. Ledina Celo's come back in FK?
Also, she has released a new single called "Superstretching". The song can be listened to and bought here.

Frederik Ndoci
Second news comes from Frederik Ndoci (Esc 07) who is tonight giving his last concert in Velipoje (Northalbania) in the club "Kapiten Zhik" which after own statements more than 35.000 people visited this summer season, many also from Kosovo.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Albavision Summerhit competition 2010

Not much time and the summer season 2010 is over. In Albania and Kosovo we have had a couple of new songs, trying to be a summerhit; some more, some less successful.
From these songs two particular come from former "Festivali i Këngës" stars. Those two songs are now duelling for the title of the "2010 Albavision Summerhit", which can only be awarded to artists which are related to the Albanian National final for the Eurovision Songcontest.

We present you the two songs and in the next 4 weeks you get the time to vote for the song you liked more in the poll on the right.

And here are our two nominees:

Summerhit 1: Elvana Gjata - A ke ti zemer

Elvana Gjata has participated in the Festivali i Këngës 2003 with the song "Pranë teje", the edition Anjeza Shahini won. She failed passing the semifinal though. Nevertheless it was a begin of a very successful career, being nowadays one of the most known and popular Albanian Pop and RnB singers. This summer her song "A ke ti zemer" (Do you have [a] heart) was another huge hit and therefore rightly in our duell for our title 'Summerhit 2010'

Competitor No.1: Elvana Gjata - A ke ti zemer

Summerhit 2: Aurela Gaçe ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale 

Here we have the competition for Elvana, the team around Aurela Gaçe, who is an Albanian Icon and the winner of the "Festivali i Këngës 1999 & 2001". 36 years young Aurela has landed an outstanding hit this year, with "Origjinale" and Dr.Flori, who compsed the song and Marsel, who was not formely known in the music scene before. The song can be heard out of every second car in the streets and a strong contestant for the title. Whether it's the song or the voice or Marsel that made the song become that popular is wildly discussed by fans of the song. Make up your own mind.

Competitor No2: Aurela Gaçe ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale 

You can vote now in the poll on the right side an tell us which one's your favourite. Additionally, the comment section below is there for any other reaction you'd like to share :D

Monday 23 August 2010

Poll analysis summer 2010

Our 3 polls on the right side are closed now and with 21 voters taking part in question one, the polls weren't as lively discussed as the ones before the Eurovision Songcontest, which is normal due to post-ESC-season and our own summerbreak.
Anyway, here is the outcome of the polls which may be repeated again in the beginning of next year:

Our first question was "What was your favourite Albanian ESC song?" 
Albanias first representative and the most succesful Albanian entry to date, "The image of you" by Anjeza Shahini, is still one of the most popular Albanian songs in many international polls. Surprisingly only 1 of 21 voters said this song was his favourite. Another person said "Zjarr e ftohte" of 2006 by Luiz Ejlli was his favourite, leaving these two songs with each 4% of all votes on place 4 of the ranking. Only the 2007 entry "Hear my plea" had less votes and therefore zero. With each 9% of all votes "Tomorrow I go" and "Carry me in your dreams" share place 3. 
Albavision-Queen 2010
With 5 votes (23%) "Zemren e lame peng" by Olta Boka is the 2nd most favourited Albanian ESC song by the Albavision visitors.
The golden medal goes to wonderful Juliana Pasha and "It's all about you" with almost 50% of the votes! The song still seems to have a massive effect on our visitors. If Juliana can keep the position #1 next year when another artist is the most recent Albanian represantive, we'll find out in 2011. Congrats to Juliana for now!

Complete Albavision popularity ranking 2010:

1) Juliana Pasha - It's all about you - 2010
2) Olta Boka - Zemren e lame peng - 2008
3) Ledina Celo - Tomorrow I go - 2005
    Kejsi Tola - Carry me in your dreams - 2009
4) Anjeza Shahini - The image of you - 2004
    Luiz Ejlli - Zjarr e ftohte - 2006
5) Frederik Ndoci - Hear my plea - 2007

The other two questions had to less responds to do a real analysis at this point. But as said, in the actual ESC-Season we will post these questions again :D

Saturday 21 August 2010

More facts, backgrounds, features & exclusiveness!

On our mission to become the #1 Newsprovider in terms of the Albanian Eurovision scene, we have been thinking about many things we could do on this page, to reach our goal:

Therefore we keep adressing former Festivali i kenges arists and the Abanian ESC broadcaster RTSH for interviews and exclusive news.
We are still awaiting some responses, some artists have responded already. So be prepared for exclusive news and backgrounds that no other page have & be the first to read it.

We have also added the posibilities to follow us through Twitter and Facebook, so that everytime there is some news about Albania@ESC you will be informed straight away, if you follow us through one of these networks.

Also, every article can now be shared on your facebook, twitter, blogger and googleaim page or be sent to friends via Email with only one click on one of the symbols under the articles next to the comment feature.
In near future will open it's own Youtube channel to upload own videos.

In future, this blog will serve you with more history and news about former Festivali i kenges(FK) Stars. This means we'll have articles about former FK songs with lyrics + translation. (You can always request songs!)
We'll have a look at other music project of the FK stars and Alb. ESC Stars, too.

Other categories, as our Albavision-Charts or the soon presented "Albavision Summerhit 2010 competition" and more surprises await you here!

We are still searching for an own Logo and own an Slogan for the page. Ideas can be sent to or write us in the comments.

This is only the beginning, your Albavision-Team!

Thursday 19 August 2010

The Albavision Top 15 (August 2010)

As we said, before the summer break, this blog will have many new features after the break, we keep that promise. In one of our next articles you will be blown away by the all the new sections, series and features we have prepared for you, to make this site the number one Albanian ESC fanpage :)
One of the new series is the Albavision-Charts, a Top 15 of the most played song by the Albavision editors and writers.
The Albavision-Charts will be updated every month, so you can see what was played most by us in the last 4 weeks.

So here we go for the first Top-15

1) Juliana Pasha - It's all about you (ESC '10) - played 49 times
2) Monrose (German NF '07) - This is me - played 49 times
3) Safura - Drip Drop (ESC '10) - played 33x
4) Velile & Safri Duo - Helele (Klaas remix) - 33x
5) Juliana Pasha - Nuk mundem pa ty - 26x
6) Madcon (ESC '10) - Glow - 25x
7) Hari Mata Hari (BiH '06) - Lejla - 24x
8) Nora Istrefi - 2 shoke - 24x
9) Immediate Music - Fahrenheit - 23x
10) Yolanda Be Cool - We no speak Americano - 23x
11) Alyosha (Ukr '10) - Sweet people - 20x
12) Immediate Music - Believe - 19x
13) Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No! - 19x
14) Jason Darulo - Whatcha say (Afrojack remix) - 18x
15) Juliana Pasha -It's all about you (Skopje version) - 18x

Featured song: 8) Nora Istrefi - 2 shoke - 24x

Next Albavision Top 15 Charts will be optimized...

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Olta Boka's new song, a duet with her father.

Olta Boka, Albanian representative of 2008 in Belgrade, recorded a new song together with her father. The folk music orientated song "Tak tak, ja bën tek porta" (English: Knock Knock, on the door) was performed on the "Festivali Maratona e këngës popullore" where mostly folk music songs are presented.
Also other former "Festivali i këngës (FK)" performer take part in this festival, such as Aurela Gace (FK Winner '99 & '01) and Irma and Eranda Libohova (FKWinners '87).

The performance in low quality here (updatet with better quality as soon as online)

"Oh lë te flasin, ato që dua une do ta marr"

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Back from the summer break!

Hello, back in Germany, enters a new phase, be prepared for more articles and features in the next weeks.

But for now, i shall show you a new Albanian cover version of "Dum Tek Tek", the Turkish Eurovision Songcontest song in 2009. The song was covered by famous Montenegrin-Albanian singer Nikolle Nikprelaj, who is known to sing traditional albanian folk music.
His style of singing might sound strangely to non-Albanians, but it's pretty popular on the home market.
Make your own idea of the Albanian version of "Dum tek tek"!

Exclusively on for you: The lyrics and translation of the refrain

bashku t'a kalojmë sonte për gëzuar me përqafim
Une jam zemra jote e ti je shpirti im.
bashku të vallzojmë sonte me kë rritëm dum tek tek
djeg kjo buza jote, sa herë puth e më prek.

Together we'll spend this night for fun with embracement
I am your heart and you are my soul.
Together we'll dance tonight to this 'dum tek tek' rhythm
Your lips burn me, everytime you kiss and touch me.

Btw, that is Montenegrin Albanian :) which differs in some parts from original Albanian, f.e. that in Montenegro the Albanians use 'e' instead of 'dhe' for the word and.

Don't miss to vote in the polls on the right side!!!