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Friday 2 April 2010

Welcome to

Hello Europe and the World!

This is, the new (or better relaunched) website/blog about Albania (and Kosovo) at the Eurovision. Here you'll get the most recent news about everything that connects Albania with the Eurovision Songcontest: Translations of the national final songs, new videos of the albanian ESC stars, interviews of producers, songwriters and performers in the national final, exclusive articles and much, much more...

Until today (02.04.10) was a german blog (-> Link), but now, after 2 and a half years, we are becoming international, because we want to reach even more people with exclusive details about everything that concerns the albanian entries at the ESC.

We are two editors (till now), Ole and Arben. We're both no native english-speaking, but we are going to give our very best to let the articles have an international standart in points of language. We are very thankful for every correction in the comments and we hope that we can form a lively community.

One thing has to be added: This is no Oikotimes in an albanian version, we do not tolerate discrimination of other cultures and countries and won't illustrate Albania as the ultimate country of Europe and the ESC. Articles may contain subjective thoughts, but they will never be written in a form, which appeals provocative or obstinate, this we promise. This is going to be a peaceful place where everyone has the right for his thoughts.

So if you ever have questions or thoughts you'd like to share about anything that has to do with Albania @ the ESC, remember this name and come back :)

We're looking forward to a great future of this blog and its community,
cheers, Arben!

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