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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Linda Halimi after the Festivali 49

Many may still remember the Linda Halimi story. Withdrawing from the Festivali i këngës 49 in the belief the winner had been decided already. Now, after the Festivali spectacle with Aurela as the winner and not Alban Skënderaj and Miriam Cani, Linda talked to to make her official statements:

Linda Halimi
According to their interview, her accusions were not directed to Alban and Miriam, but to the organization of the Festivali i kënges. She has already spoken to Alban and Miriam to smooth out misunderstandings.
"Last year you have already heard it would be Juliana Pasha's time to win the Festival, 3 months before the show kicked off, and it turned out to be true". This brought her to write her facebook statement with the great media respond.

She said to be realizing that making such a declaration in public has been a mistake and that this may have changed the results in the end. It was not her wish to stop Alban and Miriam from going to Düsseldorf. However she wishes good luck to Aurela Gaçe.
Everything had been one big misunderstanding.

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