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Saturday, 1 January 2011

AVs poll results!

AlbaVision has been running some polls concerning this years Festivali i Këngës. It's now time to take a look at what our readers answered:

Let's start with the most recent poll, which you can see at the left. What was your favourite song in the festivali i këngës 2010? Our readers favourite was by a clear margine (29%) Alban & Miriam's Ende ka shpresë, followed by the winner Kënga ime (19%). In an earlier poll, Whose artist's songs/performances are you awaiting the most?, Alban & Miriam got 47% of the votes, while Aurela Gaçe got 46%. This might indicate that some people were disappointed with the winner. Besa Kokëdhima got the third place in both polls, indicating that she lived up to the expectations by AVs readers. Dorina Garuci and Enkelejda entries also seems to have been as the readers expected. The only song that didn't live up to the expectations according to the polls, was Kamela Islami's Jetova për të dy. AVs readers also looked forward to hearing Kejsi Tola and Marjeta Billo, who didn't reach the final.

AlbaVisions readers were asked a while ago whether a female, male or duo/group would win FiK 2010. The voters were in this poll correct: 52% guessing a female to win, followed by 39% predicting a duo or group. Only 5% thought a male would be the lucky one. These results correlates very well with the actual results.

Finally: What do you think about Linda's statement? Has the prize already been promised to Alban and Miriam before the start of the festival? Most of the AVs readers did not believe in the rumours, and the rumour turned out not being right. Alban Skënderaj also hinted to this when receiving the second place in the festival. 46% of the voters answered They'll win, if they deserve to.

AlbaVision would like to thank all of you who have shared your opinion in our polls!

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