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Thursday 16 December 2010

Profile #5: Besa Kokëdhima

Just one week from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here).
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

This time we will present another one of the big favourites:
Singer: Besa Kokëdhima
Composer: Rezart Likaj
Text: Dalina Buzi
Song: E bukura dhe bisha (The beauty and the beast)
Draw: Semi final 2, number 2

Profile: 24 year old Besa has already participated several times in the biggest music festivals in Albania, as well as other European festivals. And that with good results! In 2008 she won the fifth edition of Top Fest with the song Ëngjëjt vrasin njëlloj. Many Eurovision fans probably remember her from FiK 2008, where she reached 4th place with the song Ajër. In the same ESC season, Besa tried her luck in the Romanian selection with Nothin' gonna change, which didn't qualify from its semi. She was supposed to come back to FiK in 2009 with Kalorësi i natës, but withdrew right before the festival kicked off. She took part in the last edition of Top Fest with that song, where she was awarded with the prize for Best female artist.

This year: Beside competing in Top Fest, Besa took part in Ohrid Fest 2010 this year. There she won the prize for Best performance, of her song Versus. She released her latest single, Nuk jam ajo, together with Jehona Sopi this autumn. Besa is competing with relatively unknown songwriters in the upcomming FiK.

What is to be expected?: Besa Kokëdhima has showed herself as a very flexible artist on the Albanian music stage. She has been working in many different genres, from rock anda sort of gothic style to RnB and ballads. We will probably see something more typical to FiK in the competition, like Ajër; so maybe we will get to hear a powerful alternative ballad? Besa has earlier been invited to support international singers having concerts in Albania; maybe the spotlight will be on her in Düsseldorf? We predict her to finish in the top 5 once again this year.

Ëngjëjt vrasin njëlloj:

Ajër (live, FiK 2008):

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