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Saturday 4 December 2010

A female wins FiK once again?

Total number of votes: 51
At least, that is what our visitors predict. 27 of 51 voters in our prediction poll for the Festival i këngës 2010 said that this year we'll have another female winning the Albanian National Final. That makes out 52% of all votes. The precentage was even higher when the poll just started.

But with the announcement of the participants of this years FiK, more and more people voted that a duet/band will win the trophy this time. That probably can also be connected to Linda Halimi's announcement that the prize is already decided to be given to the duet Alban Skenderaj and Miriam Cani before the show has festival has kicked off. In the end 39% od the voters believe in a gorup/duet win for Christmas.
Only 3 voters belive in a masculine win and 1 person admitted to have absolutely no guess.

As we know the names of participants now, we will start some new polls now. Hang on.

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