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Monday 13 December 2010

Profile #3: Kamela Islami

Less than two weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here). 
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurvision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final. 
This time: My personal favourite from last year.
Kamela Islami
Singer: Kamela Islami
Composer:  Alban Male
Text: Olti Curri
Song: Jetova për ty (I lived for you)

Profile: Kamela Islami's career at the festivali i këngës is as young and successful as one can be at this festival. Last year, Kristi Popa chose her to present his composition "Gjëra të thjeshta" to the juries at the festivali i këngës 2009. Choosing her seemed to be the right choice as Kamelas interpretation leaded the song to the 3rd place. It remains one of the strongest debuts of an artist in the FiK years 2000-2009.

This year: After the huge success of last year and the increased  number of fans, a participation this year was expected. This time the composer behind her song "Jetova për ty" is Alban Male, the lyricist is Olti Curri. This duo is responisble for the song "Ajër"(Air), the song that made Besa Kokëdhima famous amongst European fans of the Albanian National Final.

What is to be expected?: Kamela Islami got a great feedback for "Gjëra të thjeshta", obviously expectations are high for the follow-up song. With the team Male/Curri behind her she may top lastyars performance, a least in terms of fan-popularity. How well the song will be recieved by the jury is an other question. We predict a Top 10 placement.

Kamela Islami - Gjëra të thjeshta (live @ Semifinal FiK '09)

A little outtake of the lyrics with translation:

Kush e shpiku dashurinë?
Ai që bëri fjalën poezinë?
Ai që bëri puthjen lumturinë?
Ai që i dha ndjenjës përjetësinë?
Se dashuria ty të jep guxim dhe jetën ty ta mbush me frymëzim
Dhe jeta vetë buron nga dashuria.

Who invented the love?
The one who made poetry out of words?
The one who made kisses a pleasure?
The one who made feelings last for eternity?
Because love gives you courage and fills your life with inspiration
Even life itself arises through love.

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