Bilder hochladen

Friday 24 December 2010

After Semi-final one

We are back from the first Semifinal of the Festivali i kenges and we are very sorry to see that there was no webcast available in the internet. :(

We hoped to see the first videos online on youtube when we would be back already, but not even that, a shame that not one albanian here or someone getting rtsh through satellite was able to stream it and we seem to be very lucky to have been here, otherwise we would have been without anything tonight aswell.

What can we tell then:

There was none song of which we would think had winning chances at the ESC, but there were enough which would surely make the final in Düsseldorf. Luckily our 7 favourites were amongst the 9 qualifiers:


  1. There was a stream!!!!!!!

  2. ;)

  3. Albanian songs will never be really favourites in Eurovision,especially by the odds companies,reason:politics,small conutry and so on.
    All we need to hope every yeat is just to pass the semi final cuz the other countries will never give us any good place or victory.