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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Profile #4: Dorina Garuci

Less than two weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here).
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

Dorina at FiK 2009
Singer: Dorina Garuci
Composer: Sokol Marsi
Text: Jorgo Papingji
Song: Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im (Good evening my angel)
Draw: Semi final 1, number 12

Profile: Young Dorina first got known through the forth edition of Ethet, which was won by Kejsi Tola. After that, she has become a known name among the FiK followers through her two participations in the festival. In 2008, she took part with the song Dite një jetë, which finished 7th in the final; and in 2009 she came 8th with Sekreti i dashurisë.

This year: For the third year in a row, she will Dorina Garuci will take part in FiK. The music of this years song is written by Sokol Marsi, and the lyrics are written by Jorgo Papingji. The songwriter duo has participated several times in FiK, with songs like Po lind një yll by Rosela Gjylbegu (FiK 2007) and the runner up from the last year, Anjeza Shahinis Në pasqyrë. This autumn, Dorina released the single Me ty pranë zemrës, which you can listen to below.

What is to be expected?: The team Marsi/Papingji surely know how to pick their performer for their songs. Anjeza Shahini did a great job last year and so will Dorina, undoubtable. We can probably prepare ourselves for a big voice, a big song and a deeper meaning behind the lyrics.

Ditë një jetë (live, FiK 2008):

Sekreti i dashurisë (live, FiK 2009):

Me ty pranë zemrës:

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