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Sunday 5 September 2010

Anjeza Shahini in FiK 2009

In times of no news, Albavision uses that situation to bring some articles about the past. In the first episode of "Flashback", we want to take a closer look at Anjeza Shahihi and the song "Ne pasqyre", which would have represented Albania in the ESC 2010 if Juliana had denied to travel to Oslo for Albania, because Anjeza came second in the FiK 2009.

It was with Anjeza, when Albania debuted in the ESC 2004, managing to land a place 7 on the final ranking with the song "The Image of You". To this day no other participant set a better score for us. The news of Anjeza Shahini being back to the Festivali i kenges 2009 was therefore big news in November '09. High hopes of a second representation by Anjeza at the ESC could be felt of many ESC fans, making her the favourite to win the 48th FiK.

Anjeza at FiK '09
In November (09) the newspaper "Shekulli" published an Interview with Anjeza in which she talked about the song she would compete with and her attitude to another ESC representation. She made clear it would be the traditional Festival she returns to not the ESC in first place, nonetheless saying that she would not reject an offer for a ticket to Oslo. Additionally she told the magazine that Sokol Marsi, the composer of "Ne pasqyre" came to Anjeza and asked her if she would interprete that song at the Festivali i kenges as he had thought her voice fitted perfectly for the song.

The day of Albanian National final 2009 had come and it was Anjeza Shahini opening the whole festival as act #1 of night 1, receiving an outstanding welcome by the audience.

See Anjezas performance at the FiK 2009 below

These are the english lyrics translated by Albavision :

In the mirror

You appear in my mirror,
always a different face.
I want to touch it, it does not speak
One piece of crystal without life.

Maybe it doesn't like me and will fool me.
How I'd like to say, that it's still me.

No, I don't believe you,
I'm still the same i was yesterday, only with make up,
don't fool me.
No, better forget it.
You're an unreal mask,
you don't let me breathe, you're lifeless.

Behind the mirror I search you.
I fear that you may break.
I fear to touch you,
so we both cannot break.
No, I still don't know 
why are you still looking into my eyes?
What it does and doesn't show me at the same time.
Belive me, it's still me.


Refrain 2:
I don't know why i love you.
I don't know why i hate you.
You are another me,
my real me would not fool me.
I do not belive the mirror anymore
I'm still the one I was yesterday.
This make-up only only fools the eyes
and the soul doesn't recongnize itself anymore.


Refrain 2

When the voting procedure on the final night began, the first juries awarded their highscore of 20 points to Juliana Pasha and "Nuk mundem pa ty" a song which was a actually mostly unnoticed song in the line-up and all those sets of 20 points for Juliana made the whole voting phase look a bit inter-coordinated and monotone. The winner was clear after the first few sets of votes, with a distance to place two that couldn't be overtaken anyhow. Nevertheless, the only set of 20 points to Anjeza Shahini of one of the last jury member catapulted Anjeza onto place 2 and made the crowd go exessively wild, which had been never seen before in the National final (possibly only Kejsi's win in 2008 had a likewise euphoric crowd) and makes that moment a historic moment in the long history of FiK.

This was the first Flashback. Hope you like these kind of articles....

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