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Saturday 25 September 2010

News of Juliana and Kejsi.

Juliana Pasha (Esc '10) stated that tomorrow she will present her brandew single, a duet with Luiz Ejlli (Esc '06), with which they will compete in the 'Kënga Magjike' in November, in Ardit Gjebra's show "E diela". Ardit Gjebra is the composer of "It's all about you" and has maybe also created the new duet of Juliana and Luiz. 
Juliana Pasha

To watch "e diela shqiptare" tomorrow at around 16:30 p.m. click this link and click on TV Klan for the channel.
Info to all Albanians: Tonight (25th) she will be singing live in the "Beergarden" in Tirana.

Another news come from who report that Kejsi Tola told a "local newspaper" that due to her start at the University of Arts she won't have much time to concentrate on her musical career in the near future. Therefore a participation at the Festivali i këngës is doubtable though not completly impossible as she stated to see what offers come. We wish Kejsi a wonderful start at the Academy and hope to see her back in the music scene soon! :)

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