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Saturday 20 November 2010

Juliana and Luiz won Kënga Magjike 2010!

Once again, a duet got the victory in Kënga Magjike, and this year it went to the earlier Albanian ESC representants Juliana Pasha and Luiz Ejlli with Sa e shite zemrën. The prize was given by the artists themselves. The second place went to Pirro Çako with the song Mirëmbrëma, si je?, only two points behind the winner. Ironicly, the winning song was also written by Pirro Çako.

Juliana and Luiz also got the Critic's Prize, while the third earlier ESC participant for Albania Olta Boka recieved the prize for Best Ballad for the song Mbete një breng. She finished at 8th place, with 384 points.

Top 5:
1. Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli - Sa e shite zemrën - 697
2. Pirro Çako - Mirëmbrëma, si je? - 695
3. Rozana Radi & Ramadan Krasniqi - Valsi i tradhtisë - 570
4. Greta Koçi - Koha s'ndalet - 508
5. Eranda Libohova - Rroftë dashuria - 499

Linda Halimi was supposed to take part in the second semi final together with Nora Istrefi, but the entry "All mine" got disqualified by Ardit Gjebrea. This after breaking the contract by not comming back in time to Tirana for a Kënga Magjike rehearsal, after a job in Kosovo. What's more: Linda Halimi and Nora Istrefi have been suspended from the competition for the next six years!

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