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Monday 15 November 2010

More names for the Festivali i këngës 2010

Kamela is in
This week the full list of participants in the Festivali i këngës is expected to be published. Dorina Garuci, Linda Halima, Besiana Mehmedi, Kejsi Tola and Besa Kokëdhima have already confirmed their participations at this year's National Final.
According to Shekulli more names have done so by now, namely Alban Skenderaj and Miriam Cani who will compete together with a duet. Alban took part several times in the Festivali i këngës, as artist, jury and host of the show. Not forgotten is his set of votes that made Olta Boka win in the very last moment in FiK 2007, when
Alban and Miriam take part
Also Valon Shehu and Kamela Islami, who landed a fenomenal 3rd place last year with the outstanding composition "Gjëra të thjeshta" by Kristi Popa, are most probably taking part this year. So now the first male names are added to the list of FiK participants.

We already know that Jonida Maliqi is the female host of the 49th Festivali. The male host is rumoured to be Josif Gjipali according  to Shekulli, who kindly add not to know what to expect from him. So don't we but we are interested on his host talents and the job that the two will deliver to us.
More news to follow.

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  1. i hope miriam cani and alban skenderaj will win.

    i heard from a lot of people that AURELA GACE already signed the "triumph" to go to eurovision next year.THAT WOULD should be fair...
    im definitely sure dhe alban and miriam will have the most "international" song...GO FOR IT...