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Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Kosovo 2011 question

The question of a debut of Kosovo at the ESC is a highly debatted topic ever since Kosovo's independency in 2008.
Regarding 2011 as the debut year, we found this article from

The decision about a possible return of the music festival "Akordet e Kosovës" will not be made this year, even though the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports promised a decision already for 2010.
The "Akordet e Kosovës" has been on hiatus for over 15 years now and since the independency of Kosovo a revival of the format was planned for Eurovision purposes, as the new 'AeK' should have been the National Final of Kosovo for the Eurovision Songcontest.
Now, the official reason for postponing the comeback of the Festival is that he channel has not enough budget this year.

Former minister Valton Beqiri sees another reason in the postponement of the festival.
He stated that an organization of that festival shouldn't be influenced by the status of Kosovo at the EBU and the pressure of entering Eurovision as soon as possible. "We don't have to wait for Kosovo to have a full membership at the EBU. It's better to start off now and by the time we enter the ESC, we are ready and have a professionally organized National Final."

Teuta Kurti
Also Teuta Kurti, regular participant at the Festivali i këngës, the National Final for Albania, spoke out for a revival of the "Akordet": " We don't have to wait  for the ESC. What we need is a festival with 'live' acts competing (in Kosovo) amongst each other and on the day we gain the membership for the EBU, we already have the preselection and chosen song."
She added that she would take part herself in the "Akordet" if it was about to take place again.

A debut of Kosovo at ESC is doubtable once again, as the RTK seems more to wait  than acting for a membership of the channel at the EBU, unfortunately.

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