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Thursday 7 April 2011

Kosovo: New steps in EBU agreement

The director of "Radiotelevizionit të Kosovës" - short RTK, Bekim Hasani, confirmed, that Kosovo got the right to participate in the upcoming Eurovision Dance Contest.

This is a first step towards a soon ESC participation. According to an article by, Kosovo has been negotiating with the EBU about Kosovo's status in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in May.
Kosovo took on the mission to participate in the 55th ESC, but not as a performing participant. "RTK is considering the possibility that the Kosovars are offered the possibility of voting" this May, Hasani stated, making clear that Kosovo's intention in the meeting was to be part in the ESC as a voting nation only, like SerbiaMontenegro in 2006, when they could not agree on a representative for their country and only voted in that years ESC in Athens.
Although Bekim Hasani told proudly that Kosovo will be soon enough outfitted with the latest technical modalities providing Kosovars the opportunity to vote for the first time as an own country in the upcoming ESC, the mission was doomed from the beginning. This is not only because of Kosovo being no EBU member, but the rules of the ESC clearly decide that only the 43 particpating countries in 2011 can vote, as usual. What's left is the hope of an offer from EBU side, but that should be considered as very unlikely.

Yet Kosovo, showing more interest every year in being part of the ESC family, at least gave it a try and openly admits to do so to also support Aurela. The new door that opened in the end lead to the participation right in a "European festival of dancers" of the EBU. Whether the "Eurovision Dance Contest", the "Eurovision Young Dancers" or a third contest of the EBU is meant with "Festivali Evropian të Valltarëve", is to be seen.

We hope to hear more positive news in terms of Kosovo-EBU agreements and keep you informed

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