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Thursday 8 April 2010

***The AlbaVision Team & Contact***

In this article the AlbavVision team likes to present itself to the visitors:

Arben: "Hello, my name is Arben, I'm 19 years old, Albanian, born and living in Germany. I always loved music, languages and geography and the Eruovision Song Contest seemed to match perfectly with my interests. My first ESC was in 2004, exactly the year Albania had entered this event, so we somehow entered the Eurovision together :) . In November 2007 I decided to start a blog for Albania at the ESC on, a german blog page (my English wasn't that advanced back then). With time the page also got many clicks from outside Germany. One major reason for that was that my page delivered the lyrics (+ translation into German) of the Albanian winning songs of the National Final in 2007, 08 & 09 first right first after their triumph. Until April 2010 the page had a total of 30.000 visits in 2 ½  years, even though it was "only" a German blog. The huge interest in my articles, especially in the months December (NF) and May (ESC), made me go this one step further now and start With a growing team of interested writers this page's gonna rock :D!"
Ole: "Hi, I am Ole and I am a 21 year old Norwegian. Like Arben, I have a big interest in music and languages, and also in different cultures. I have followed the Eurovision Song Contest for almost as long as I can remember. My interest has been growing more and more each year. I have been following the Festivali i Këngës for only a relatively short time, but it didn't take long until I became a big fan of the Albanian national final. I became friends with Arben in December 2009, right before the FiK final. I started blogging for AlbaVision in April when the page started blogging in English, at that time I also got the chance to blog live from the ESC in Oslo. I look forward to keep contributing with news and live reports in the future." 

Evelina: Hello I'm Evelina , a 17 year old albanian ,my biggest interest is music and always sought ways to get connected with other music fans .Let's say I'm a newbie in the eurovision arena as I've been watching eurovision only since 2009 , I wouldn't know anything about it if I didn't watch the daily news where they promoted the albanian entry in eurovision at that time ( Kejsi Tola - Carry Me In Your Dreams) and since then I've been trying to stay tuned with the latest information about eurovision , and of course I'm not gonna forget to share it with other fans .



-The team is always thankful for every hint and tip, concerning news and information about Albania at the ESC.
-You are a passionated Albania fan and want to join our team and blog with us? You are very welcomed to write us then.
-You have questions, want a specific translation of albanian lyrics from the National Finals or just want to tell us how sick (positively or negatively) this page is?

No matter what, please contact us through

or for personal messages to Arben)
or for personal messages to Ole)

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