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Saturday 24 April 2010

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews...

At the moment Juliana Pasha is at the "Eurovision in Concert" in Amesterdam and promoting her ESC song alongside 18 other ESC 2010 contestants. Before the concert she gave several interviews to different pages and programmes.
The first Interview is from a dutch site, called, in which Juliana, Milan from Serbia and Filipa from Portugal state their thoughts about this year's dutch entry and sing live a little snippet of their own songs.

 You can see the video by clicking this link.
Juliana once again gives a great live performance. Milan and Filipa show strong vocals, too.

She gives a second interview to, in which she talks about what she is expecting and hoping for the outcome of the scoreboard this year. She seems quite aware of being a "favourite" and is not shy to mention she wants to win this competition. ->

And there we have the last interview for now, which she gave to at the National Final was a surprise for her and the stage performance in Oslo is still a secret. She is fan of Portugal's and Belgium's songs. (Look at her smiling in Video one when Filipa sings!)

Stay tuned for more videos and news from Amsterdam!!!

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