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Sunday 18 April 2010

"Its All About You" Video with homosexual insinuation

Albanian Online Magazines like or, several comments on Youtube and Groups on Facebook claim that Juliana Pasha, this year's Albanian representive at the ESC, is promoting homosexual love. "She releases a man and hugs a woman (see pictures). This gives much room for interpretations", writes More and more people seem to react on this image of the clip. 
Juliana herself is marriaged and even if the producer of the Videoclip, Pali Kuke, tried to insert the statement "free love for everybody, no matter whether hetero or not", there is nothing the Albanian Press and people should get upset about. 
Homosexual people are still fighting for more rights in Albania, a country where the gay lobby still does not have as many rights as gays in other European states.

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