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Friday 9 April 2010

Latest Videos of Ledina and Besa

Two participants from the Albanian National Final "Festivali i Këngës" have presented us their new songs in the past weeks.

Ledina Celo - "Dangerous"
First there is Ledina Celo, the 2005 representive of Albania with the song "Tomorrow i go". With her latest song "Dangerous" she tries to get international attention. The dancefloor tune was added by none other than Scotty, a very well known DJ, famous for his house remix of the "The Black Pearl" soundtrack of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". The song didn't really bring her the longed international break through, but at least it can be seen as an international success, reaching the dancefloor-charts in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and other European countries.
Her accent can still be improved in my opinion, but we hope for more music from Ledina in near future.


Besa Kokedhima - "Kalores i nates"
Besa Kokedhima has participated in the Albanian NF 2009 with the song "Ajer" (Air) and was about to compete for the ticket to Oslo this NF, too. But, unfortunately, she decided to take back her participation right before the Festival kicked off. Her song for the National Final,  "Kalores i nates", much awaited by her fans, was now finally released due to her actual participation in the "Top Fest 7" with the very same song. Well, now we finally get to see what song we missed in the Festival in December. We doubt that it would have been such an 'studio/electronic' in the NF, where there is still the orchestra playing live. Nevertheless, a very nice song, which may had presented Albania in Oslo.


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