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Saturday 1 May 2010

Juliana in Amsterdam, Part II

It has been a week now since Juliana visited Amsterdam for a promotion of "It's all about you" at a Pre-Eurovision-Fan Party. Within this week the more and more Videos have been published about her presence in the Netherlands.
Let's have a flashback on the happenings in Amsterdam:

1) Here it is! The first live performance of the final Oslo-Version of "It's All About You", performed on the saturday night in Amsterdam. Nice response from the audience, that seemed to enjoy her and sang along!

Videos from the Live perfo. "Its all about you" by and

2) After presenting her own song, she had the honour to sing a second song for the crowd. A song, every ESC fan should know: "Après toi!" (Vicky Leandros, Luxembourg 1972). Her presentation of that song shows what a powerful voice that woman has got. Additionally, I think ballads do fit her so much more. 
The song itself never seems to get old for me. 
 'Après toooooi, je ne pourrai plus vivre...'

3) Another interview with Juliana has been published on the official Eurovision Youtube Account. We get to hear new facts, such as the three backing vocals of her, who accompany her to Oslo, are American or the song was reproduced in England. See the full interview on the right!

All in all one can say, Juliana left a grandiose impression in Oslo, she improves three places on the betting odds onto place 15 and even Harel Skaat (Israel 2010) and Josh (UK 2010) state she is amongst their favourites. On the next article you can get her rehearsal plan for Oslo :)

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