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Thursday 20 May 2010

Juliana gives concert in Norvegian school.

Yesterday, the Albanian Delegation arranged a concert for Juliana Pasha in a Norvegian School in Vøyenenga, a little town 20 kilometres to the west of Oslo. Collecting votes from the students, she gave a live presentation of "It's all about you", accompained by her three American background singers. The students had the oportunity to shake hands with the Albanian represantative afterwards and got school out (guess, which news they liked the most).

See the full concert (+ a schoolgroup concert) in the video below.

 If you have a close look to the background, you can see a board with posters and facts about Albania (flags, traditional clothes etc...). Seems like this school learned much about our little country and had a very cultural day. Nice to see that.

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