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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Albania qualifies for the final!

Actually, I thought we would not get through when I saw that only 2 envelopes remained and Slovakia and Iceland and Finland and Latvia had a chance to get one of those, too. But the relieving envelope 9 was filled with the Albanian flag. Now, Juliana gets a second chance to enjoy the stage of Oslo. She gave a solid performance, though in my opinion not her best and I hope she will be better on the final night on Saturday.

In the press conference Juliana said she wishes not to have to sing on the positions 1-3 and luckily she drew position 15 for the final.

Her biggest opponent in terms of voice and dance-pop-diva song, Hera Björk, is starting on position 16 right after Juliana in the final, which will lead to a direct comparison of these two contestants, excitement is rising.

For me the worst decision ever made by the EBU was to have juries in the Semis, poor Slovakia, Finland...

Write a comment about your thoughts of Juliana's perfo and the other contestants!

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