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Friday 26 November 2010

Stage designer for FiK goes for new elements

In an interview to, Bashkim Zahaj, the person who designes and constructs this year FiK stage, spoke out about all facts and backgrounds concerning the stage design, idea and development.

Read the most important bits of the the interview (translation of the Albanian interview into English) about this years Festivali i këngës stage below You are responsible for the stage design this year. What can you tell us about the idea behind this years stage?
Bashkim Zahaj: It is the first time that I am working together with Bojken Lako on the Festival of December. I'm impressed by his great ideas and I'm designing the stage based on those. What I can tell you is that this years stage is going to be one step further into the future, because for the very first time we are going to use electronic images on stage, that will make our possiblities be greater than ever.

The Festivali i këngës stage 2009
So the stage will look quite interesting you think?
At the moment we are still in the first phase of designing the stage. It's still too early for details but our first ideas were to have a stage that leaves space for a construction with its own electronic base.

This is sure not your first stage construction for the Festivali i këngës. What can you tell us about your career?
It have been many years now in which I gained much experience. I've been working for so long on many stages with good results. That's why I think that it's not my name that will be seeked by festivals, but the results of my projects.

B. Zahaj
When did you first construct a stage for the FiK?
It was in 1982 and the first 3-dimensional stage that the Festival had seen in its long history

How did you use your freedom in creativity from the 1990-s? (Since 1992 Albania is no communistic state anymore)?
Even before the 1992, luckily I belonged to the people who had their creative freedom unlike other artists.

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