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Thursday 11 November 2010

FiK49 producer Bojken Lako speaks out

"7 people from the audience will have a guest jury role."

An article from translated into English for you.

"Bojken Lako has already an idea in his head, how the Festivali i këngës is going to take place. While speaking out about that, he reveals the important point of a competition between 18 songs on the final night, working on it with the best festival staff.

It is known that Bojken Lako succeeds with everything he does, so that it would be uncompromising not letting him have it his own way. Asked whether he would leave his job as  the producer because of disagreements, he says they do not exist. During the interview to the newspaper, Lako, who for the first time takes over the role of the producer, talks about the work done and his goals for December:

Interview by Fatmir Nikolli from 31st. Oct. 
The work with the RTSH has begun, at the moment in which phase of the preparations are you?
The work started two months ago for me and Edmond Zhulali and Alfred Kaçinari, who support me. Until now we have dealt with technical realizations that the event should have. We went through the Scenography, the way we want to have the festival to be presented and by whom, the voting method etc... This year the voting procedure is going to be different. We will have two semi finals with each 14 contestants and 9 of each semi go through to the final. Two different sets of juries with each 7 voters will select the the winner. One group is the central jury and the other group are 7 people from the audience.  

Concerning the stage and the presentation, do you already have an idea how it will be?
On these categories we are still working, but we think this year we will have something different. The scriptwriters this year, Iva Tico and Zefina Hasan, will try to be more communicative and down to earth this year.
We have a staff that stands very close to the artists, which gives us the possibility to make concrete and tangible performances for the audience. Bashkim Zahaj has worked seriously on a modern stage technology for this years festival. The work on that is not yet finished so that it would be too early for details now but we are working unremitting on a modern and at the same time traditional stage.

You as a filmmaker are expected to bring change to this festival, innovations...
Bojken Lako
A new director brings new professional ideas with him. I will give my best to make a professional show with a modern setting. The fact that i was invited for this job, encourages me and a confidence in the works I've done the last years. I'm the youngest to face this challenge and wish to show that the belief that was given to me can be justified.

How about the song selection, has it started?
The last day to submit a song is the 6th of November and then all songs will go through an internal selection first. But for that, Edmond Zhulali is the contact person.

You cooperate with Edmond Zhulali, Alfred Kaçinari and Bashkim Zahaj. How is a collaboration between the generations?

 It is not difficult, we easily unify our experiences. And even if they belong to an older generation, they work with the soul of a young one. It's a pleasure to learn from their experiences."

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