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Sunday 14 November 2010

News on Juliana, Dorina, Ilira & Genta

This week has been a week with a lot of little news which alone would have not reached out for a single article, so we have a little compilation of news this time.

Ilira Gashi
First there is Ilira Gashi, who is competing in the Swiss National Final together with "the Colours" and the song "Home". She belongs to the first qualifiers out of the first Web-preselection phase and is therefore part of the National Final on 11th December, when the representative for Switzerland at the ESC 2011 is to be found.

To reach that very same National Final is also the aim of the Kosovo-Albanian Superstar Genta Ismajli, who still has to hope to get enough votes to reach the Final with the song "This is my night".
Genta: ESC for every prize?
There is nothing she and her managment leave out to reach that aim, tons of publicity on her facebook page and interviews with Eurovsion related sites likes Esctoday. If in the end the Swiss people vote & support her also that massively as her own fans, is questionable. We stay tuned.

Back to Albania. Dorina Garuci, who exclusively confirmed her participation at the Fesivali i këngës to Albavision weeks ago, has now given away the title of the song with which she will perform in the National Final for Albania. The song is called "Ti", which simply means You in English.

"Do jetë një tokë një qytet, një qiell i ri"
At last, we can report from the "Kënga magjike 2010". The first heats are over now and the winners of each heat divided into the Semifinals. Juliana Pasha and Luiz Ejlli, who are competing together with a duet of Pirro Çako (Lyricist of Nuk mundem pa ty) will start in Semi two. More about the Kënga Magjike later.
But that is not every news of Juliana. Last week she was part of the Albanian show "Me and you", where two stars who are well befriended have a complete show for themselves to host, sing their best hits and talk to and about each other. In the last edition Juliana running the series, together with Sidrit Bejleri. In the show she sang also her hits like the wonderful "Një qjell i ri" (A new heaven), with that she got 3rd place in the FiK 2007 and "It's all about you" (ESC '10) played of a live band, sung half in Albanian half in English, I can advise to listen to both. you can watch the show again HERE.

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