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Thursday 30 September 2010

No Juliana at FiK 2010

In an interview to esctoday and another to Telegrafi Juliana Pasha (ESC '10) revealed some news we'd like to summarize in this short article:
    Before ESC '10
    • Juliana Pasha stated that whe won't participate in this years Albanian National final for the Eurovision Songcontest 2011 as she wants to enjoy her first place of last year a little longer, but she can imagine representing Albania one day again.
    • Her album with Christian songs is still being produced and gave away that her fans can expect some surprises in the future and a mellow Juliana when she comes back with new projects.
    • It is one of her superior goals to bring important messages through her new songs to the audience in future. We can only prepare ourselves and wait.

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