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Saturday 11 September 2010

Iris Hoxha back in FiK 2010?

Iris Hoxha in FiK 2009
Last year a new format of the Festival i kenges was presented, introducing a "Beginner-night" for 20 unknown Albanian artists/composers to take part in the FiK, in which only 2 of the 20 would be added to the final line up with the 'big' stars. One of these two newcomers was Iris Hoxha with the song "Zërin tim ta ndjesh" (Eng: Hear my voice).

Now the webpage "Eurovisionary" says in an article she told them in an interview she is eager to participate in this year's Albanian NF again and will submit a song until the deadline of submissions in mid-Octobre. Also, she states her deep wish to have the chance to represent Albania in the ESC one day.

Whether Iris gets the permission to have her 2nd appearence on the FiK stage in Decembre, is to be decided by directors of the FiK who choose the 20 competing songs?

See her debut in the FiK below:

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