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Saturday 18 September 2010

More infos: Promotion yes, money no.

In an Interview to Shekulli online, Edmond Zhulali, the Head Producer of the Festivali i Këngës, announced that there will be new promotions for the Festivali i këngës itself and the winner.

He also stated that only 5 artists will stuck in each semi leaving a 18-contestants-final on 25th of December.

There will be two different lots of juries voting in the final. One is the original FiK jury, while the other consist of members from Radio Stations and Television operators.
Giving every song and performance its own Identity on stage is one of the main aims of the producers this year, therefore more visual backgrounds and dancers can be used by the artists to give the own song one very special touch.

Edmond finally said something the Albavision-team thought since long: "After the Festival the songs, the singers and the composers slowly get forgotten again by the mass" and therefore for the first time a CD will be published with all the FiK-2010-Songs on it in Studioversions.
Additionally, songs of the festival will be aired on Radios and played by Channels belonging to the RTSH.
After the Albanian National Final for 2011 two documentations will be broadcasted, the first one is a flashback on the festival with facts and figures about the songs stars and staff, the second one a promotion for the Albanian representative for ESC in Germany in Albanian and English language.

But this year the orchestra will once again not be fully live, as it would be too expensive for the RTSH organizing a foreign service with great expense and specialized people.Nevertheless, at least the singers sing live and a part of the orchestra playing is not pre-recorded.

Stay tuned for further information...

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