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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Live: "Day 3 - Their faces everywhere"

Now that it's only two days to the first semifinal you can see them everywhere in Tirana, the participants of the

Just turn on the TV and watch RTSH and you get tons of Festivali i kenges material worth recording. If I had known that before... Interviews with participants (from what I've seen: Francesk Radi, Marsida Saraci, Kujtim Prodani), and loads of advertising. I was able to film one with the cam (at least a long bit of it) and will upload it later onto our Youtube channel and then insert in the next article for you. Hope I get to film the other advertisement too.

My intuition to just eat at the nearest restaurant located at the Pallati i Kongreseve paid off: I met Frederik Ndoci, the Albanian representative in Helsinki in 2007 and the Prifti brothers , who regularly take part in the Festivali i kenges. This year Ndoci is composing the song for Maria Prifti, who participates in the "Newcomer" category. They were kind enough for a photo with each of them :) (Photos on our facebook channel)

Also the internet had become a media of the FiK stars. So did Aurela Gace revamp her official website and gave an interview to in which she states that she decided to take part in the FiK after 9 years because the song she got proposed by composer Shpetim Saraçi stuck in her head after she got to listen to the demo version. Actually she did not want to take part and take that Song for her next album, but Saraci told her: You will get the song only if you perform it at the FiK, otherwise not. This argument made Aurela take part again and now that she's in she has dreams of taking part at the ESC again, a dream that would have already become true in 2001 when she won the FiK, if Albania had debuted in that year.

Tomorrow more from Albania :D


  1. Është i RTSH do të derdhet në Festivalin? Ose në një tjetër kanal?

  2. Rtsh, rtsh2 and audio on radio tirana

  3. Unë jam nga Australia. Si mund ta shikojnë atë? Lumë? Do të derdhet RTSH? ndonjë ide

  4. Miredita, nuk besojme qe do te jete nje "stream" nga ane e rtsh-se. Provoni edhe per albanian streams. Nese ne kete moment nuk transmetohen kanalin rtsh, provoni webfaqen , atje do te jete nje livestream ata thane. Shpresojme qe keni mundesine per te pare festivalin. Arben nga albavision :)