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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Semi 2: disappointing results

The second semi final ended and we are satisfied with the songs in this semi, but not with all the qualifiers or better all non-qualifiers.
Marieta Billo, who had a great ballad, was not amongst the qualifiers, and also Kejsi Tola, who (to be fair) had a rather mediocore song, but still good enough for a second listen in this line up, did not make it into the final. So the audience needed some moments to realised that all quaslifiers were alreadz announced as they were awaited to make it.
Especially Marieta. She had the  audience on her side, which made us feel she would have actually chances of winning the whole thing, if there was televoting, so once again: Screw juries...

Nevertheless below are the 9 qualifiers. After listening to all the songs on youtube, please vote in our new poll for your favourite.

Besa Kokedhima- “E bukura dhe bisha”
Denis Hasa- “Mbi xhaketën time”
Goldi Halili- “Në krahët e tua”
Françesk Radi- “Kemi dasem`o”
Aurela Gaçe- “Kënga ime”
Xhejsi Jorgaqi- “Rastësi”
Enkelejda Arifi- “Nje Dashuri”
Saimir Braho- “Shtegëtar i jetës time"
Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj - "Dritë"

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