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Monday 20 December 2010

Live: Day 2 in Tirana, 3 days to Semi 1

This is the second daily report from Tirana, FiK 2010 is even closer now.Read the first day's review here.

The RTSH building once again
After a little walk through the streets of Tirana, I've been heading to the RTSH building another time. Instead of a policeman there was the ticket sale right behind the entrance of the building this time. I asked for tickets for all three nights, but again I was informed that I could only buy tickets for the first two nights. To my question, why he does not sell tickets for the final he replied that these (tickets for Night 1&2) are the ones he was given to sell by RTSH and does not have more information. I should try and ask the secretary about that, he added.
Invitations: Tickets for Semifinal one and two

The seats
A look on the backside of the tickets told us about our sitting location. In both nights we (Ole and Arben) are going to be sitting on the ground floor, only some rows away from the stage, which is very satisfying. I was told that the seats we own are located central, too. I hope it turns out to be true. The better place we get, the better photos/videos will you get, obviously.

Tickets for the final?
Next to the RTSH (RadioTelevizioniSHqiptar) building, there is the TVSH (TeleVizionSHqiptar) building, which is nothing else than one sector of the RTSH. I asked for tickets for the final in this building, telling them I did not get them in the RTSH building. The reception seemed to be quite sure that tickets for the final are also being sold there. His advice: To just try again on 22nd December, they are probably selling only tickets to the semis first, to get them sold out. Meanwhile I have contacted someone on facebook about the final ticket story, who told me to help me out with it ;). Who it is I will tell you an other day :D

You also wish to see the FiK?
If you want to come to Tirana this year or whenever, I can tell you the prize for semi final tickets are 500 lek (=3,57Euro) each. The final tickets cost 2000 lek (14,29Euro) according to the TVSH reception.
If you wish to see the Festivali i kenges from your computer: We are going to serve with a stream on this page if things work out as planned. If not you will not find any link to other streams from us, as these links would be spread out too much and make the few servers who provide a stream at the moment crash and the REAL FiK fans who have found or will find a link on their own (if you don't find a link pm us for personal interest).

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