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Sunday 19 December 2010

Live: First day in Tirana

Hello, this is Arben from Tirana calling.
As promoted before, the team of AlbaVision starts reporting live from Tirana now.

I arrived at 1 p.m. today and after checking in to our hotel, which is only 2 streets away from the Pallati i kongreseve where the Festivali i kenges takes places annually, I headed for the Pallati for tickets. In front of the At the RTSH building a policeman (he was kind enough to appear in the photo I shot below) reminded me that it is sunday and tickets are not on sale today.
Albanian Flag - RTSH building - Festivali poster: Yeah, we arrived.

Shocking news
But he confirmed one more thing to us, tickets for the Festivali i kenges Final can not be bought. It seems like you really need to be invited for the final. Tickets for the first two nights are available. I guess we didn't travel all the way from Germany/Norway to not be in the final. We will somehow find our way in and tell you here how we managed to.

Articles from Tirana
Until Wednesday we are without net-book, which means we have to write from an Internet-Cafe. But that won't be a big problem. This was our first Live-report from Tirana. We are ready for the Festivali to come, I hope you are to. We hope to manage to deliver you with interesting and exclusive material from Tirana. Let's see what this week's gonna bring to us and you.

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