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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Some random news

Françesk Radi, who returns to Festivali i Këngës as a singer after 7 years, has in an interview with Shekulli revealed that the title of his song will be Jetës i këndova (I sang it to life), and not Kemi dasem`o (We have a wedding'oh). The song is about a Romani wedding; the lyrics are written by Agim Doçi, while Françesk has written the melody himself.

The Albanian representative from 2008, Olta Boka, is known for her ballads. According to Blutooth, the young artist will take a break from the genre to show that she can do other genres as well.

Juliana Pasha appeared at E diela shqiptare last Sunday together with Pirro Çako. Below you can listen to them singing Për një çast më ndali zemra, which Pirro Çako and Rovena Dilo won Kënga Magjike with in 2001. You can also listen to the latest released song by Juliana below.

Himni i Shkollës "Qemal Stafa'

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