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Sunday 26 December 2010

Aurela Gaçe for Albania 2011

The festivali këngës 2010 is over and the winner is Aurela Gaçe, who got the greatest applaude from the audience, aswell, as 6 sets of 12 points by 6 of the 7 juries and one set of 10 points. Just as much of a favourite were Alban and Miriam, who ended up second, commenting it with: "This to those who said our win is given". Surprisingly Saimir Braho finished third, marking his biggest FiK success until now.

AlbaVision met with Aurela right after the show and asked her whether she intends to sing in English in Germany. As expected she stated that this is not decided yet as she and her team just realized that they are going to Düsseldorf. As I may be volunteering in Düsseldorf this year for the Albanian Delegation, we told her about that and that we'll meet again in May. She's greeting you AlbaVision fans. She will be added to the new AlbaVision banner - edition 2011.

With Aurela Gaçe right after the show.
Full results and more tomorrow, back in our homes, this was AlbaVision Live - Tirana 2010

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  1. Can you translate Kënga ime and E bukura dhe bisha? I want to know what are the songs about. Thanks