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Thursday 30 December 2010

Studio version of "Kënga ime"

As earlier announced, the songs from this years will be released on CD. So it should be possible to find them all online in some time. Today we will present you the top 2 songs from this year, in studio versions:

1. Kënga ime:

2. Ende ka shpresë:

To the right: Aurela Gaçe after winning Festivali 49

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Full results of Festivali 49

Festivali i Këngës is over for this year, and now it's time to take a look at the results of this year. Aurela Gaçe won the competition for the third time. Alban and Miriam was rumoured to have won it even before it started, which turned out to not be right. These two acts were the ones with clearly the most points. There is also a big margin between the songs above and below 7/8th place. The two "newcommers" did not do well, both placing in the bottom of the list. Which were the biggest surprises? That's up to you to discuss!

Placing, artist, song and points (100% jury vote):
1. Aurela Gaçe (Kënga ime) 82
2. Alban Skënderaj & Miriam Cani (Ende ka shpresë) 66
3. Saimir Braho (Shtegëtar i jetës time) 48
4. Xhejsi Jorgaqi (Rastësi) 44
5. Enkelejda Arifi (Një dashuri) 36
6. Dorina Garuci (Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im) 34
7. Dorian Nini (Mirësevini në Shqipëri) 29
8. Françesk Radi (Kemi dasëm'o)13
9. Besa Kokëdhima (E bukura dhe bisha) 13
10. Kamela Islami (Jetova për të dy) 12
11. Hersiana Matmuja (Me cilin rri ti dashuri) 7
12. Selami Kolonja (Ëndërr Kosovë) 6
13. Denis Hasa (Mbi xhaketën time) 6
14. Maria Prifti (Pasuri e pasurive) 5
15. Orges Toçe (Mari) 3
16. Marsida Saraçi (Vetëm s'jemi në botë) 2
17. Goldi Halili (Në krahët e tua) 0
18. Albi Xhepa & Semi Jaupaj (Dritë) 0

You can read the lyrics and the translation of the winning song HERE. AlbaVision will keep following Aurela Gaçe on her way to Düsseldorf in May, and more about Festivali 49; so stay tuned!

Monday 27 December 2010

||Aurela Gaçe - Kënga ime|| ------------------ --------------------- ||Songtext + Translation||

Back from Tirana we start our usual blogging again, following Aurela Gaçe to Düsseldorf from now on.
Below you can read the lyrics and our translation into english. Everything written below is what we hear/understand from the live version, so the lyrics may be updated at an time later.

Listen to the studio version of 'kënga ime' in the player.
AlbaVision version of the lyrics: 
Kënga ime

Zemër ti, mos më ler pa fjale
dua t'ia them e dua t'ia marrë
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
në gjak më je futur, pa ty s'mund të rroj

Më bëhesh det e më bëhesh valë
Më tharë një lotë edhe më ndez një mall
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
në gjak të kam, kënga ime, moj (eheheej)

E të pasur jam, se ty të kam
nuk jam në tokë e asgjë s'më ndal

Zot, që këngën ma ke falë
Më lerë të ndarë
Nuk ka ngjyrë e nuk ka fjalë
Muret s'e mbajnë
Tokën e qiellin e bënë bashkë
Harron e fal
Oh se më theh e më bën gjall
Asgjë s'më ndal (eheheej)

Sa herë për ty etja të më marr
do vij, do të pi
e buzën do ta lag
sa herë vij edhe shkoj
si frymë të kerkoj
jeton ti edhe un jetoj (eheheheej)

E pasur jam, se ty të kam
nuk jam në tokë e asgjë s'më ndal

Refrain 2x

English translation by AlbaVision
(italics = explanations for better understanding)

My song 

My heart, don't leave me without words
I want to tell them the words and take them their words (leave them [=people] speechless)
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
You passed into my blood, without you I cannot live.

You become the sea and the waves for me
You dry me a tear and arouse a longing in me.
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
I've got you in my blood, my song (eheheej)

And I'm rich, because I have you.
I'm not on earth (/on the ground) and nothing can stop me.

God, (you) who have given me the song
Let me share it
It has no colour and no word
Walls cannot hold it.
You make the earth and the sky one
You forgive and forget
Oh, because you me break and make me alive
Nothing stops me (eheheej)

Whenever the thirst for you overcomes me
I'll come, I'll drink you
and I will make wet your lips
Everytime i come and go
I look out for you like for breath (gasp for breath)
You live and I live, too. (eheheej)

And I'm rich, because I have you.
I'm not on earth (/on the ground) and nothing can stop me

Refrain 2x 
Anything about the lyrics or translations you'd like to comment on (f.e. a better suggestion for translation)? Leave a comment :)

Sunday 26 December 2010

Aurela Gaçe for Albania 2011

The festivali këngës 2010 is over and the winner is Aurela Gaçe, who got the greatest applaude from the audience, aswell, as 6 sets of 12 points by 6 of the 7 juries and one set of 10 points. Just as much of a favourite were Alban and Miriam, who ended up second, commenting it with: "This to those who said our win is given". Surprisingly Saimir Braho finished third, marking his biggest FiK success until now.

AlbaVision met with Aurela right after the show and asked her whether she intends to sing in English in Germany. As expected she stated that this is not decided yet as she and her team just realized that they are going to Düsseldorf. As I may be volunteering in Düsseldorf this year for the Albanian Delegation, we told her about that and that we'll meet again in May. She's greeting you AlbaVision fans. She will be added to the new AlbaVision banner - edition 2011.

With Aurela Gaçe right after the show.
Full results and more tomorrow, back in our homes, this was AlbaVision Live - Tirana 2010

Saturday 25 December 2010

Tonight: The Albanian National Final 2011: The Festivali i kenges 49

Tonight we are going to know who will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany.
From each semifinal 9 artists qualified for the final tonight and compete for the trophy.
The show will start approximately at 20:20 pm CET and be aired on RTSH and RTSH2. Whether webcasts or streams will be available is not sure at this moment.

The hosts
Jonida Maliqi, Josif Gjipali and Mirela Naska are going to host the third night again and Juliana Pasha is going to be the special guest tonight.

Below you can see the participants in the final:
 (click on artist for profile/ on song for songtext)
From semi 1
1. DORIAN NINI - Miresevini ne Shqiperi
2. MARSIDA SARACI - Vetem s'jemi ne bote
3. DORINA GARUCI - Mirembrema engjelli im
4. ORGES TOCE - Mari
5. KAMELA ISLAMAJ - Jetova per ty
6. A.SKENDERAJ&M.CANI - Ende ka shprese
7. HERSIANA MATMUJA - Me cilin rri ti dashuri
8. SELAMI KOLONJA - Enderr Kosove
9. MARIA PRIFTI - Pasuri e pasurive (Newcomer group) 

From semi  2
1. BESA KOKEDHIMA -E Bukura Dhe Bisha
2. DENIS HASA -  Mbi Xhaketën Time
3. GOLDI HALILI -Në Krahët E Tua
4. FRANCESK RADI  -  Kemi Dasëm'o
5. AURELA GACE -Kënga Ime
7. ENKELEJDA ARIFI  -  Një Dashuri
8. SAIMIR BRAHO  -Shtegëtar I Jetës Sime
9. A.XHEPA & S.JAUPAJ  -  Dritë  (Newcomer group) 

Win: Top5-prediction competition

Now it's your turn: Send us your top 5 prediction to and win one of our tickets for the Festivali i kenges as a souvenir, if you had the most precise prediction. The winner will be announced tomorrow along with our prediction and contacted afterwards. Email must be sent before the announcement of the jury votes in the final.
Win one festivali i kenges 49 invitation in red , blue or golden

Semi 2: disappointing results

The second semi final ended and we are satisfied with the songs in this semi, but not with all the qualifiers or better all non-qualifiers.
Marieta Billo, who had a great ballad, was not amongst the qualifiers, and also Kejsi Tola, who (to be fair) had a rather mediocore song, but still good enough for a second listen in this line up, did not make it into the final. So the audience needed some moments to realised that all quaslifiers were alreadz announced as they were awaited to make it.
Especially Marieta. She had the  audience on her side, which made us feel she would have actually chances of winning the whole thing, if there was televoting, so once again: Screw juries...

Nevertheless below are the 9 qualifiers. After listening to all the songs on youtube, please vote in our new poll for your favourite.

Besa Kokedhima- “E bukura dhe bisha”
Denis Hasa- “Mbi xhaketën time”
Goldi Halili- “Në krahët e tua”
Françesk Radi- “Kemi dasem`o”
Aurela Gaçe- “Kënga ime”
Xhejsi Jorgaqi- “Rastësi”
Enkelejda Arifi- “Nje Dashuri”
Saimir Braho- “Shtegëtar i jetës time"
Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj - "Dritë"

Friday 24 December 2010

Tonight: second semifinal of the festivali i këngës në RTSH

After the first 19 songs in the first semi final yesterday, tonights the second half is fighting for the 9 spots left in the final. The first semifinal started at 8:20 pm, so around that time you can expect the beginning of this semifinal, too. The participants tonight are:

Semi Final 2 – Friday, 24th December

(click on artist for profile - click on song for lyrics)

“VIP” Category
01. Adhurim Demiri – “24 Orët”
02. Besa KokëdhimaE bukura dhe bisha
03. Emi Bodgo – “Letër për ty”
04. Denis Hasa – “Mbi xhaketën time”
05. Kujtim Prodani – “Ti Ishe Kryëveper”
06. Goldi Halili – “Në krahët e tua”
07. Marjeta Billo – “Përjetësi”
08. Francesk Radi – “Kemi dasem'o”
09. Aurela Gaçe“Kënga ime”
10. Heldi Kraja – “E diela pa ty”
11. Sonila Mara – “Egoist”
12. Mateus Frroku – “Dimër në shpirt”
13. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – “Rastesi”
14. Enkelejda Arifi“Një dashuri”
15. Kejsi Tola“Prane”
16. Saimir Braho – “Shtegëtar i jetës time”

“Newcomers” Category
01. Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj – “Dritë”
02. Bledi Polena – "Të jemi të dy"

03. Rudina Delija – “Tek ti gjeta dashurinë”

After Semi-final one

We are back from the first Semifinal of the Festivali i kenges and we are very sorry to see that there was no webcast available in the internet. :(

We hoped to see the first videos online on youtube when we would be back already, but not even that, a shame that not one albanian here or someone getting rtsh through satellite was able to stream it and we seem to be very lucky to have been here, otherwise we would have been without anything tonight aswell.

What can we tell then:

There was none song of which we would think had winning chances at the ESC, but there were enough which would surely make the final in Düsseldorf. Luckily our 7 favourites were amongst the 9 qualifiers:

Thursday 23 December 2010

Tonight: First semifinal of the festivali i këngës në RTSH

Tonight's the night we have been waiting and blogging for. The festivali i këngës starts once again. Our invitations say to be present at 8, the first semifinal will begin at 8:30-9:00 pm CET. Below you can have a look at tonight's competiting singers:

(click on artist for profile - click on song for lyrics)

“VIP” category
01. Selami Kolonja – “Marmara”
02. Miriam Cani & Alban Skënderaj“Ende ka shpresë”
03. Orges Toce – “Mari”
04. Kamela IslamiJetova për ty
05. Blerina Shalari – “Lutjes apo dashurisë”
06. Ernis Cili – “Famë”
07. Dorian Nini – “Mirë se vini në Shqipëri”
08. Edmond Mancaku – “Dashuri pas emrit”
09. Ardita Tusha – "Dikur besoja"
10. Klajdi Musabelli – “Vetëm ti”
11. Evans Rama – "Sonte"
12. Dorina Garuci “Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im”
13. Herciana Matmuja – “Me cilin rri ti dashuri”
14. Agim Poshka – ""
15. Marsida Saraçi – “Vetëm s'jemi në botë"
16. Entela Zhula – “Lojë në dashuri”

“Newcomers” category
01. Ilir Karaferi – “Nuk je këtu”
02. Maria Prifti – “Pasuri e pasurive”
03. Megi Laska – ” Ëndrrat ekzistojnë”'

8 from the VIP and 2 from the Newcomer section will pass to the final

Jury: According to the jury members in the VIP category are:
Aleksandër Peçi

Edison Miso
David Tukiçi
Manjola Nallbani
Robert Radoja
Artan Minarolli
Edmond Tullumani 
The jury to choose the Newcomer winner comsist of:
Gerta Heta
Jerida Sakaj
Andi Islami
Evis Trebicka
Suada Braho

Webstream: The usual links from the last years (which are also posted by the big ESC pages) are all not working at the moment, so we hope for you they will until tonight.
Our recommendation: Visit tonight, they said to be streaming live on their page tonight.

Guests: The Turkish group MaNga which finished second in Oslo in ESC is tonight's guest. Below you can see the trailer for tonight, brought to you by AlbaVision.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Daily report 4: Videos, videos, videos

Tomorrow is the first semifinal of the Albanian National Final and on TV the festivali i këngës is highly promoted. For you we have filmed as much as we could, all videos are uploaded onto our youtube channel:

Advertisement for the Festivali i këngës

Rehearsals for the festivali i këngës
In the following video you get to see some stars rehearsing, such as Aurela Gaçe and Kejsi Tola, have a view on the stage and even hear a little bit of some songs if you listen closely. The first woman interviewed is Ingrid Rugji, who works for the first time as a dirigent in this festival and says to be proud of being part of this spectacle now and to give her very best. Kejsi Tola, presented as a former winner of this festival, states that being a winner already does not mean that it's easier to win another time. Also, first she thinks about delivering a satisfying performance and afterwards about winning. See the clip below :D

English video
The following video is in English so no need to summarize and translate it. Enjoy.

Tomorrow it's going to be all about the first semi final.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Live: "Day 3 - Their faces everywhere"

Now that it's only two days to the first semifinal you can see them everywhere in Tirana, the participants of the

Just turn on the TV and watch RTSH and you get tons of Festivali i kenges material worth recording. If I had known that before... Interviews with participants (from what I've seen: Francesk Radi, Marsida Saraci, Kujtim Prodani), and loads of advertising. I was able to film one with the cam (at least a long bit of it) and will upload it later onto our Youtube channel and then insert in the next article for you. Hope I get to film the other advertisement too.

My intuition to just eat at the nearest restaurant located at the Pallati i Kongreseve paid off: I met Frederik Ndoci, the Albanian representative in Helsinki in 2007 and the Prifti brothers , who regularly take part in the Festivali i kenges. This year Ndoci is composing the song for Maria Prifti, who participates in the "Newcomer" category. They were kind enough for a photo with each of them :) (Photos on our facebook channel)

Also the internet had become a media of the FiK stars. So did Aurela Gace revamp her official website and gave an interview to in which she states that she decided to take part in the FiK after 9 years because the song she got proposed by composer Shpetim Saraçi stuck in her head after she got to listen to the demo version. Actually she did not want to take part and take that Song for her next album, but Saraci told her: You will get the song only if you perform it at the FiK, otherwise not. This argument made Aurela take part again and now that she's in she has dreams of taking part at the ESC again, a dream that would have already become true in 2001 when she won the FiK, if Albania had debuted in that year.

Tomorrow more from Albania :D

Profile #7: Enkelejda Arifi

Only 2 days from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. 
Until then, we would like to present you the most interesting participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final. We are reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here)

Singer: Enkelejda Arifi
Composer: Adrian Hila
Text: Pandi Laço
Song: Nje dashuri (One love)
Draw: Semi final 2, number 14

Profile: Enkelejda is a known South Albanian singer, who sings mostly folk songs in the Tosk dialect of South Albania and the region çameria.

This year: Her participation at the festivali i kenges is a bit surprising, indeed. But what is more surprising is the the team that composed her song, which is no other than A.Hila and P.Laço, who composed the Albanian ESC songs in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

What is to be expected?: Enkelejda sings a song of the most successful composer team of the recent years. We know that Hila and Paço are able of creating wonderful songs and they know who they pick for their songs. Especially when deciding to let Enkelejda sing their newest composition, we can await a folk song that may touch many Albanians musical and lyrical wise. After the success with Olta Boka though, their compositions haven't placed that high in FiK anymore (I wouldn't say the songs have become worse). Juries seemed to take a little "time-out" of their songs. We believe that this year the Hila/Laço team has a real chance of placing high again, as enough time has passed now and they are not seen as the eternal winners of the FiK anymore, which may influence the jury's votes to the better again.

One of her most famous songs - Mall per Camerine

Monday 20 December 2010

Live: Day 2 in Tirana, 3 days to Semi 1

This is the second daily report from Tirana, FiK 2010 is even closer now.Read the first day's review here.

The RTSH building once again
After a little walk through the streets of Tirana, I've been heading to the RTSH building another time. Instead of a policeman there was the ticket sale right behind the entrance of the building this time. I asked for tickets for all three nights, but again I was informed that I could only buy tickets for the first two nights. To my question, why he does not sell tickets for the final he replied that these (tickets for Night 1&2) are the ones he was given to sell by RTSH and does not have more information. I should try and ask the secretary about that, he added.
Invitations: Tickets for Semifinal one and two

The seats
A look on the backside of the tickets told us about our sitting location. In both nights we (Ole and Arben) are going to be sitting on the ground floor, only some rows away from the stage, which is very satisfying. I was told that the seats we own are located central, too. I hope it turns out to be true. The better place we get, the better photos/videos will you get, obviously.

Tickets for the final?
Next to the RTSH (RadioTelevizioniSHqiptar) building, there is the TVSH (TeleVizionSHqiptar) building, which is nothing else than one sector of the RTSH. I asked for tickets for the final in this building, telling them I did not get them in the RTSH building. The reception seemed to be quite sure that tickets for the final are also being sold there. His advice: To just try again on 22nd December, they are probably selling only tickets to the semis first, to get them sold out. Meanwhile I have contacted someone on facebook about the final ticket story, who told me to help me out with it ;). Who it is I will tell you an other day :D

You also wish to see the FiK?
If you want to come to Tirana this year or whenever, I can tell you the prize for semi final tickets are 500 lek (=3,57Euro) each. The final tickets cost 2000 lek (14,29Euro) according to the TVSH reception.
If you wish to see the Festivali i kenges from your computer: We are going to serve with a stream on this page if things work out as planned. If not you will not find any link to other streams from us, as these links would be spread out too much and make the few servers who provide a stream at the moment crash and the REAL FiK fans who have found or will find a link on their own (if you don't find a link pm us for personal interest).

Profile #6: Kejsi Tola

Only 3 days from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. 
Until then, we would like to present you the most interesting participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.We are reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here)

Today it's the former ESC participants turn:
Singer:Kejsi Tola
Composer: Kristi Popa
Text:Florian Zyka
Song: Pranë (Near/Close)
Draw: Semi final 2, number 15

Profile: Kejsi Tola won the Albanian Idol format "Ethet" three years ago, right after her success in that show she managed to win the Festivali i këngës 2008 with "Më merr në ëndërr", a composition of Edmond Zhulali, who had also composed the song of Flaka Krelani and Doruntina Disha a year before, finishing "only" second behind Olta Boka, thanks to Alban Skenderaj's jury votes. Kejsi had the audience on her side and this time the jury made Edmond Zhulali win again since 2003, when his composition "Imazhi yt" for Anjeza Shahini made it to Istanbul. Kejsi finished 11th in Moscow, if we only count the televotes. The juries had her on 22th place and she ended up 17th.

This year: After starting studying Kejsi first stated to not take part in the Festivali i këngës in the near future, as she had to concentrate on the studies. It seems she realized that you have enough time as a student. More importantly, she competes with a song by Kristi Popa. Now this is getting interesting, as he's the guarantee for a magical song. His previous compositions for Mariza Ikonomi and Kamela Islami, made their fan bases grow abruptly.

What is to be expected?:You all know of Kejsi's powerful voice. This in combination with Kristi Popa? At least I can feel awesomeness by now, without listening to the song. Even if Kejsi had already won in recent time, she does actually have chances, depending on the song she was given. Maybe the dark horse in this competition. I'm strongz praying Popa does not let us down.

 Carry me in your dreams (ESC 2009)

 Ndonjëherë (live at FiK 2009)

Click to read the other profiles

Sunday 19 December 2010

Live: First day in Tirana

Hello, this is Arben from Tirana calling.
As promoted before, the team of AlbaVision starts reporting live from Tirana now.

I arrived at 1 p.m. today and after checking in to our hotel, which is only 2 streets away from the Pallati i kongreseve where the Festivali i kenges takes places annually, I headed for the Pallati for tickets. In front of the At the RTSH building a policeman (he was kind enough to appear in the photo I shot below) reminded me that it is sunday and tickets are not on sale today.
Albanian Flag - RTSH building - Festivali poster: Yeah, we arrived.

Shocking news
But he confirmed one more thing to us, tickets for the Festivali i kenges Final can not be bought. It seems like you really need to be invited for the final. Tickets for the first two nights are available. I guess we didn't travel all the way from Germany/Norway to not be in the final. We will somehow find our way in and tell you here how we managed to.

Articles from Tirana
Until Wednesday we are without net-book, which means we have to write from an Internet-Cafe. But that won't be a big problem. This was our first Live-report from Tirana. We are ready for the Festivali to come, I hope you are to. We hope to manage to deliver you with interesting and exclusive material from Tirana. Let's see what this week's gonna bring to us and you.

Saturday 18 December 2010

Lyrics for Besa's "E bukura dhe bisha"

One of the big favourites to win FiK this year, Besa Kokëdhima, has released the lyrics of her song E bukura dhe bisha on Facebook today. Besa will perform in the second semi final, as number 2. You can read our profile of Besa HERE.

Verse 1:
Ti, do durosh dhe pak?
Jepja ditët, bishës prapë, por mos qaj
Qesh, a ndihesh e gjallë?
Mbi mavi, ylberin zbraz, pendim nuk ka

Një fëmijë po të lut dhe një vajzë të kërkon
Loti u struk, mishi u rrudh dhe e sotmja t’harroi
Të shpëtosh, ke një derë por ti dot s’e arrin
Se je e mpirë

Refrain 1:
Dashuri nuk ka, dashuri do
Ai shkel mbi plagë, ti i ledhaton
A vlen jeta, kur ti e mohon?
A mos ke faj dhe ti?
Pranon të rrish në frikë?

Refrain 2:
Dashuri nuk ka, dashuri do
Ai shkel mbi plagë, ti I ledhaton
A vlen shpirti, kur nuk e dëgjon
S’e di përse, përse
Me terrin ne shtrat fle

Verse 2:
Nën kuvertë, endrra thurr, kur ai nuk te sheh
Dita nis, dielli del, iluzionin rigjen
Nje unazë, një portret, një betim të mbërthen
Kthim mbrapa s’ke

Syri s’sheh, trupi dhemb, fjala veshin lëndon
Një ditë vjen, një ditë shkon, frika heshtjen pushton
Pak durim, edhe pak, derisa vdekja t’ju ndajë,
E lirë në varr...

Se di përse, përse
Ti forcën dot nuk gjen...

Ref I x 1

Ref II x 1

News from the Orient

The Turkish Band "MaNga", that finished second this year at the Eurovision Songcontest is going to be one of the guests at the Festivali i këngës next week. They said to be performing on the first evening, which means on the first semifinal on 23rd December. Earlier we already knew about Juliana Pasha being one of the guest appearances at FiK 2010. MaNga is therefore the second guest act to be announced.

Yesterday, it has been the 5th semifinal show in the Azeri National Final. From each semi final one candidate is voted into the final. The format first searches for voices and afterwards for the right song, just like winning country Germany did for this years ESC. The winner of yesterdays semi final heat, Aynishan Gulijeva, made it into the final with her interpretation of "Carry me into your dreams", Albania's competing song at the ESC 2009.
Whether her vocal skills and performance can reach Kejsi is discutable, but her English skills don't reach out by far. Make up your own opinion below. By the way, here you can see another participant in the Azeri NF singing Juliana Pasha's "It's all about you".

Exclusive: Lyrics for Maria Prifti's entry!

AlbaVision can now present you the lyrics of the song Pasuri e pasurive (Wealth of wealthes)! The lyrics are written by Agim Doçi, who has had great results in Festivali i Këngës. He wrote the Albanian lyrics for the Albanian ESC entries Image of you and Carry me in your dreams. The melody is written by Frederik Ndoçi, who has won FiK two times, and represented Albania in ESC in 2007.

Maria Prifti will present her entry as one of three in the "newcommers" category in the first semi final. But this isn't the her first time on the FiK stage, as she performed together her father Stefi Prifti and his brother Endri in the duet night of Festivali i Këngës 2009.


Të mundja kohën me dorë t’a ndal
T’a bëja çastin të madh – një jetë!
Miliona puthje të mund t’i fal
E prap nuk ngopem – s’qenka e lehtë.

Unë dashuroj, në shpirt e ndjej
Por s’na del jeta – të gjithë e dimë.
E fal vet vehten – gjithshka e bëj
Veç mos t’a humb Zot dashurinë.

Ajo troket një herë tek zemra
Dhe flet me gjuhën e Perëndive
Është më e bukur sesa vetë endrra
Është pasuri e pasurive!

Friday 17 December 2010

Exclusive: Lyrics of Kamela Islami's entry + English translation

AlbaVision has been handed the lyrics of Jetova për të dy; the entry of Kamela Islami in the upcomming Festivali i Këngës! Read the lyrics exclusivly here!

The lyrics of the song are written by Olti Curri, while Alban Male wrote the melody.
Kamela will present her entry in the first semi final as number 4. You can read our profile of her HERE

Kamela Islami
Verse 1:
Më mirë, të jemi larg
Më mirë të jemi, vetëm
Jo s’e dëgjoj më, unë zemrën
Jo asnjë lot, nuk mbaj
Se ty, të fala dhe frymën
Për ty, e solla dritën
Kërkoja dashuri në një vend të shkretë
Një zemër pa ngjyrë, e di, nuk ka jetë

Pa fjalë
Unë po shkoj
Jemi të vetmuar
Dhe pse të përqafuar
Një fjalë
Nuk të ndihmon
Asgjë për tu kujtuar
Gjithmonë ti ke munguar....Po...

Verse 2:
Më thuaj, pse kam faj?
Se për të dy, unë jetoja
Se fatin e sfidoja, yeahh

Të dukem kryelartë
Të dukem njëri tjetër
Sot po mendoj unë për veten


Më thuaj, pse kam faj?
Se për të dy, unë jetoja
Se fatin e sfidoja, yeahh

Të dukem kryelartë
Të dukem njëri tjetër
Sot po mendoj unë për veten.

Albavision translation into English 
Far away
It's better to be far away from each other
It's better to be alone
No, i don't hear (my/your) heart anymore
I cry
No, I don't hold back not a single tear
Because I even gave you my breath
For you I brought light
Looking for love in the wilderness
A heart without colour, I know, has got no life.

Without words
I'm leaving
We are lonely
even though we embraced
don't help you
Nothing to remember
You have always been missing... yes...

Tell me, why is it my fault?
Because I lived for both of us
Because I challenged fate, yeahh

To you I look big-headed
That's how we think of each other
Today I'm thinking about myself.

Update on the FiK 2010 songtitles

It's now 6 days before the first semi final of Festivali i Këngës. RTSH has released the titles of the new entries, and there has also been changes in some song titles. These are according to RTSH the new songtitles:

Semi final 1:
9. Ardita Tusha - Dikur besoja
11. Evans Rama - Sonte
14. Agim Poshka – Bota com.vetmi
(From the newcommer category):
1. Ilir Kazaferi – Nuk je këtu

Semi final 2:
9. Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime
(From the newcommer category):
2. Bledi Polena – Të jemi të dy
3. Rudina Delia – Tek ti gjeta dashurinë

According to, Juliana Pasha will appear as special guest in FiK. There will be three hosts of the show: Jonida Maliqi, opera singer Jozif Gjipali and actress Mirela Naska.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Profile #5: Besa Kokëdhima

Just one week from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here).
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

This time we will present another one of the big favourites:
Singer: Besa Kokëdhima
Composer: Rezart Likaj
Text: Dalina Buzi
Song: E bukura dhe bisha (The beauty and the beast)
Draw: Semi final 2, number 2

Profile: 24 year old Besa has already participated several times in the biggest music festivals in Albania, as well as other European festivals. And that with good results! In 2008 she won the fifth edition of Top Fest with the song Ëngjëjt vrasin njëlloj. Many Eurovision fans probably remember her from FiK 2008, where she reached 4th place with the song Ajër. In the same ESC season, Besa tried her luck in the Romanian selection with Nothin' gonna change, which didn't qualify from its semi. She was supposed to come back to FiK in 2009 with Kalorësi i natës, but withdrew right before the festival kicked off. She took part in the last edition of Top Fest with that song, where she was awarded with the prize for Best female artist.

This year: Beside competing in Top Fest, Besa took part in Ohrid Fest 2010 this year. There she won the prize for Best performance, of her song Versus. She released her latest single, Nuk jam ajo, together with Jehona Sopi this autumn. Besa is competing with relatively unknown songwriters in the upcomming FiK.

What is to be expected?: Besa Kokëdhima has showed herself as a very flexible artist on the Albanian music stage. She has been working in many different genres, from rock anda sort of gothic style to RnB and ballads. We will probably see something more typical to FiK in the competition, like Ajër; so maybe we will get to hear a powerful alternative ballad? Besa has earlier been invited to support international singers having concerts in Albania; maybe the spotlight will be on her in Düsseldorf? We predict her to finish in the top 5 once again this year.

Ëngjëjt vrasin njëlloj:

Ajër (live, FiK 2008):

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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Profile #4: Dorina Garuci

Less than two weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here).
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurovision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

Dorina at FiK 2009
Singer: Dorina Garuci
Composer: Sokol Marsi
Text: Jorgo Papingji
Song: Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im (Good evening my angel)
Draw: Semi final 1, number 12

Profile: Young Dorina first got known through the forth edition of Ethet, which was won by Kejsi Tola. After that, she has become a known name among the FiK followers through her two participations in the festival. In 2008, she took part with the song Dite një jetë, which finished 7th in the final; and in 2009 she came 8th with Sekreti i dashurisë.

This year: For the third year in a row, she will Dorina Garuci will take part in FiK. The music of this years song is written by Sokol Marsi, and the lyrics are written by Jorgo Papingji. The songwriter duo has participated several times in FiK, with songs like Po lind një yll by Rosela Gjylbegu (FiK 2007) and the runner up from the last year, Anjeza Shahinis Në pasqyrë. This autumn, Dorina released the single Me ty pranë zemrës, which you can listen to below.

What is to be expected?: The team Marsi/Papingji surely know how to pick their performer for their songs. Anjeza Shahini did a great job last year and so will Dorina, undoubtable. We can probably prepare ourselves for a big voice, a big song and a deeper meaning behind the lyrics.

Ditë një jetë (live, FiK 2008):

Sekreti i dashurisë (live, FiK 2009):

Me ty pranë zemrës:

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Monday 13 December 2010

Profile #3: Kamela Islami

Less than two weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here). 
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurvision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final. 
This time: My personal favourite from last year.
Kamela Islami
Singer: Kamela Islami
Composer:  Alban Male
Text: Olti Curri
Song: Jetova për ty (I lived for you)

Profile: Kamela Islami's career at the festivali i këngës is as young and successful as one can be at this festival. Last year, Kristi Popa chose her to present his composition "Gjëra të thjeshta" to the juries at the festivali i këngës 2009. Choosing her seemed to be the right choice as Kamelas interpretation leaded the song to the 3rd place. It remains one of the strongest debuts of an artist in the FiK years 2000-2009.

This year: After the huge success of last year and the increased  number of fans, a participation this year was expected. This time the composer behind her song "Jetova për ty" is Alban Male, the lyricist is Olti Curri. This duo is responisble for the song "Ajër"(Air), the song that made Besa Kokëdhima famous amongst European fans of the Albanian National Final.

What is to be expected?: Kamela Islami got a great feedback for "Gjëra të thjeshta", obviously expectations are high for the follow-up song. With the team Male/Curri behind her she may top lastyars performance, a least in terms of fan-popularity. How well the song will be recieved by the jury is an other question. We predict a Top 10 placement.

Kamela Islami - Gjëra të thjeshta (live @ Semifinal FiK '09)

A little outtake of the lyrics with translation:

Kush e shpiku dashurinë?
Ai që bëri fjalën poezinë?
Ai që bëri puthjen lumturinë?
Ai që i dha ndjenjës përjetësinë?
Se dashuria ty të jep guxim dhe jetën ty ta mbush me frymëzim
Dhe jeta vetë buron nga dashuria.

Who invented the love?
The one who made poetry out of words?
The one who made kisses a pleasure?
The one who made feelings last for eternity?
Because love gives you courage and fills your life with inspiration
Even life itself arises through love.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Ilira finishes third in Swiss National Final

Ilira Gashi, the only participant in the Swiss NF with Albanian roots managed to score in the top 3 with 13,05% of all votes (1.Anna Rossinelli 23,93% ; 2. Bernarda Brunovic 13,36%). Tonight Switzerland held the first National Final of the ESC season 2011. For the last seven years it was Albania chosing both its representative and song for the Eurovision Song Ccontest. With Ilira winning this NF, it would have been the 8th year in a row an Albanian was chosen to participate in the ESC (together with the song).

Ilira can be proud of the third place and we're sure to see her back in NF again in the next years. She already told us (See the full interview with Ilira Gashi here).
Below you can see tonight's performance of Ilira and the Colours at the Swiss National Final.

Allocation draw: 4 singers out, 4 new in

According to the 38 participants in the Fesitvali i kënges 2010 are now allocated into the two semifinals.
From the VIP Category Linda Halimi has now been disqualified. NRG Band and Humus withdrew from the competition. Instead we have Agim Poshka, Ernis Cili(?) and Evans Rama competing. In the Newcomer section  Shpat Deda has been replaced by Bledi Polena.
Below you can see the draw of the singers:

“VIP” category
01. Selami Kolonja – “Marmara”
02. Miriam Cani & Alban Skenderaj – “Ende ka shprese”
03. Orges Toce – “Mari”
04. Kamela Islami – “Jetova per ty”
05. Blerina Shalari – “Lutjes apo dashurise”
06. Ernis Cili – “FAM”
07. Dorian Nini – “Mire se vini ne Shqiperi”
08. Edmond Mancaku – “Dashuri pas emrit”
09. Ardita Tusha – Song title TBA
10. Klajdi Musabelli – “Vetem ti”
11. Evans Rama – Song title TBA
12. Dorina Garuci – “Mirembrema engjelli im”
13. Herciana Matmuja – “Me cilin rri ti dashuri”
14. Agim Poshka – “Fajtore per Ngrohjen Globale”
15. Marsida Saraci – “Vetems jemi ne bote”
16. Entela Zhula – “Loje ne dashuri”
“Newcomers” category
01. Ilir Karaferi – “Nuk ke faj”
02. Maria Prifti – “Pasuri e pasurive”
03. Megi Laska – ” Endrat ekzistojne”

Semi Final 2 – Friday, 24th December
“VIP” Category
NRG-Band from Kosovo withdrew
01. Adhurim Demiri – “24 Oret”
02. Besa Kokedhima – “E bukura dhe bisha”
03. Emi Bodgo – “Leter per ty”
04. Denis Hasa – “Mbi xhaketen time”
05. Kujtin Prodani – “Ti Ishe Kryeveper”
06. Goldi Halili – “Ne krahet e tua”
07. Marjeta Billo – “Perjetesi”
08. Francesk Radi – “Kemi dasemo”
09. Aurela Gace – “Te kam prane”
10. Heldi Kraja – “E diela pa ty”
11. Sonila Mara – “Egoist”
12. Mateus Frroku – “Dimer ne shpirt”
13. Xhejsi Jorgaqi – “Rastesi”
13. Enkelejda Arifi – “Nje dashuri”
15. Kejsi Tola – “Prane”
16. Saimir Braho – “Shtegetar i jetes time”
“Newcomers” Category
01. Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj – “Drite”
02. Bledi Polena – Song Title TBA
03. Rudina Delija – “Pa bote”

These news have to be considered as unconfirmed as Agim Poshkas songtitle "Fajtore per ngrohjen globale" was his song in his FiK 2008 participation.
Ernis Cili and the song 'famë' were already announced in the original list, that song is even the first song that is online. I don't see how he could replace someone then if he'd been already been a candidate. (See here)
A new name in the list is Ardit Tusha though.
Hopefully more news on that soon.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Profile #2: Alban & Miriam

Less than three weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here). 
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurvision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

In the presentation of this years profiles of the upcomming Festivali i Këngës, we have come to one of the really big favourites to represent Albania in Eurovision in Germany next year.
Last years hosts
Singers: Alban Skënderaj & Miriam Cani
Composer: Alban Skënderaj & Miriam Cani
Text: Alban Skënderaj
Song: Ende ka shpresë (There is still hope)

Profiles: This isn't the first time the couple Alban and Miriam appear on the Festivali i Këngës scene, as they were the hosts of the last edition. They have taken part as singers individually as well. Alban got the 7th place in FiK 2006 with the song Eklips, while Miriam got to the final in FiK 2005 with the song Shko. Alban Skënderaj was also one of the jury members in FiK 2007, where he as the last jury member to hand out his points gave 0 points to the leaders, and giving Olta Boka full score, which was disputed afterwards. Miriam Cani moved to Germany at the age of six. Later she took part in the German version of the talent show Popstars, where the girl group Preluders was formed. In 2009 Alban and Miriam released the duet Let me die with you, which you can listen to below.

This year: Both singers have had a hit song in Albania this year, Alban with Si më parë, and Miriam with Mos më ndal. But their big goal is to win FiK and to represent Albania in ESC. Alban has told Panorama that they have worked on this song for a long time, and that it will be a powerful love ballad.

What is to be expected?: This is the entry that has gotten the most attention this year before FiK so far. Even though a lot of attention would have been put on Alban and Miriam anyway, the big subject has been Linda Halimis allegations about the prize has already been handed out to the couple. Whether there is any truth in this or not, their chance of winning is concidered as very big, and the popular couple is likely to be very well recieved. Maybe we'll see and hear the ballad There's still hope in Düsseldorf?

Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani - Let me die with you [2009]

 Alban - Njëherë në jetë

Alban Skenderaj - Eklips (live at the FiK 2006)

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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Some random news

Françesk Radi, who returns to Festivali i Këngës as a singer after 7 years, has in an interview with Shekulli revealed that the title of his song will be Jetës i këndova (I sang it to life), and not Kemi dasem`o (We have a wedding'oh). The song is about a Romani wedding; the lyrics are written by Agim Doçi, while Françesk has written the melody himself.

The Albanian representative from 2008, Olta Boka, is known for her ballads. According to Blutooth, the young artist will take a break from the genre to show that she can do other genres as well.

Juliana Pasha appeared at E diela shqiptare last Sunday together with Pirro Çako. Below you can listen to them singing Për një çast më ndali zemra, which Pirro Çako and Rovena Dilo won Kënga Magjike with in 2001. You can also listen to the latest released song by Juliana below.

Himni i Shkollës "Qemal Stafa'

Profile #1: Aurela Gaçe

Less than three weeks from now and the Festivali i këngës starts. From the 20th December we will be reporting live from Tirana and the Pallati i kongreseve (More info here). 
Until then, we would like to present you most of the participants. Their careers, former participations and relations to the Festivali i këngës and the Eurvision Songcontest, their teams behind the song and our view on their chances of success in the National Final.

Tonight we start with the first episode and the first Team:
Singer: Aurela Gaçe
Composer: Shpetim Saraçi
Text: Sokol Marsi
Song: "Të kam pranë" (I've got you near)

Profile: Aurela Gaçe is no new name to the Festivali i këngës stage. Actually, she is exactly the opposite: Already in the 90's she particpated many times and that very successfully reaching the Top 3 plenty of times. Nevertheless she won her first prize in the late 90's. In 1999 and 2001 she could take the trophy home. By then she had already been a hugely famous Albanian Star. Her surprising comeback to the festivali i këngës is therefore more than welcomed by fans and the festival, that tries to gather big names to recover the old popularity of the Festival.

This year: After the big hit "Origjinale" this summer, that marked her musical comeback, she returns to the Festivali with a song by Shpetim Saraçi, who composed the duet "Një jetë" for Juliana Pasha (ESC '10) and Luiz Ejlli (ESC '06) in 2008, which came second in the FiK in that Kejsi Tola won. Lyricist Sokol Marsi composed last years "Në pasqyre" of Anjeza Shahini.

What is to be expected?: If the Festivali i këngës loves one thing, then it's big comebacks. We have seen this with Ledina Çelo and Frederik Ndoci. The applaude by the audience when she performed together with West Side Family in the duet night in 2008 was impressive. We can expect even more resonance this time, if that is possible at all. The team behind her is not the strongest but can not be ignored by any chance. If Aurela chose the song from Saraçi, it can only be good. She has got audience and juries on her side for sure. If it's going to reach out for position 1 is still very open, as there are at least 2 more favourites for the win and some dark horses in the race. One thing is for sure, she will own that stage on Christmas eve, no matter what the result will be.

Hape veten ti ( 1st prize Kënga Magjike 2007 )

FiK 08' West Side Family - Jehonë (feat. Aurela - Duet night Version)

Aurela Gace ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale (2010)

Saturday 4 December 2010

A female wins FiK once again?

Total number of votes: 51
At least, that is what our visitors predict. 27 of 51 voters in our prediction poll for the Festival i këngës 2010 said that this year we'll have another female winning the Albanian National Final. That makes out 52% of all votes. The precentage was even higher when the poll just started.

But with the announcement of the participants of this years FiK, more and more people voted that a duet/band will win the trophy this time. That probably can also be connected to Linda Halimi's announcement that the prize is already decided to be given to the duet Alban Skenderaj and Miriam Cani before the show has festival has kicked off. In the end 39% od the voters believe in a gorup/duet win for Christmas.
Only 3 voters belive in a masculine win and 1 person admitted to have absolutely no guess.

As we know the names of participants now, we will start some new polls now. Hang on.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Exclusive Interview with Ilira Gashi

Ilira Gashi
It's December, the traditional month of the Albanian National Final for the Eurovision Songcontest. But this year another National Final is going to kick off in December. Switzerland will choose its representant for Düsseldorf 2011 already on 11th December and in their line up of the finalists appears one Albanian singer. Ilira Gashi is competing together with "The Colours" against 12 other contestants for the ticket to the ESC. They and their song "Home" already enjoy a great feedback of fans in Switzerland and beyond. We are glad that we had the possibility for this interview, with Ilira in which we talk about her participation in the Swiss' NF and much more.

Ilira, could you first briefly introduce yourself to our readers?
I was born and grew up in Switzerland. My mother's family lives in Tirana and my father's family in Prishtina. I discovered my passion for music when I was very young. My father has always been a music freak and plays the Çifteli. I sing a lot at home and when I visit my family in Prishtina, I find Albanian music inspiring. That was where my family came up with the idea to participate in Top Fest. It was my first performance and I was 15 at the time.
I have very varied tastes in music, I listen to everything: Reggae, HipHop, Rn'B, Rock, Pop, Metal, House, Folk music. For me it's important to get to know every musical genre.

Let's come to your participation in the Swiss' National Final for the ESC 2010. Congratulations on making it into the final. How did you come to collaborate with "The Colours" and when did you decide to take part at the Swiss National Final?
Thank you! The Colours searched for a singer for the song. By coincidence they discovered my video and music teacher. They then contacted me on Facebook and I agreed immediately with their idea to take part in the Swiss National Final. The inspiration and idea for the song came from all of us.

What is the song "Home" about and where did you take the inspiration from? (Listen to the song on dow below at the end of the article)
The song is about people who are homesick and who have hard times starting a new life in another country. In the end those people find a second home and the help from the habitants of that country. We want the people out there to know that they are not alone. For us it was important to have this topic illustrated in a song once. The inspiration and experience come especially from my family.

You were successful in making it to the final of the Swiss preselection, however another Albanian singer who has a base from the start failed to. Why do you think “Home” was chosen above Genta's song?
To be honest, I don't know why she did not make the final. Personally I liked the song.

Have you listened to the other songs in the Swiss preselection? What are your hopes for the 11th December and how big do you see your winning chances?
Ilira & The Colours
Of course I've listened to all the songs and I have to say that there are many good musicians participating. The group CH is my personal favourite. I am not stressing out much at all. It was a major achievement to make it to the top 12 and we feel honoured to be able to perform in Kreuzlingen. It is a great experience for me which I will take with me into the future. What's most important now is to deliver a good performance. We are prepared for any result in the end.

To get a bit away from the National Final questions:
-Do you have a favourite Eurovision song?
-And which Albanian entry has been your favourite?
I liked Lordi the most. They managed to win even though no one believed it. I liked Lena a lot too; she has a strong character and lots of charisma.
From Albanian my favourite was Olta Boka in 2008.

In this year’s "Kënga Magjike" you were originally to take part, but later you were not part of the Festival. Was that connected to your participation in the Swiss National Final?
I was quite busy with the ESC, yes; however it's not only because of that. The producer of the song signed the contract for the song too late and I didn’t have any chances to contact anyone by phone or mail.

Would you like to represent Albania, or potentially Kosovo at Eurovision? 
After your recent participations at the Top Fest and the Kënga Magjike we are already hoping to see you at the Festivali i këngës.
For sure I want to participate one day in the National Finals of Albania and Kosovo. One day, you'll see me at the Festivali i këngës, definitely.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I haven't thought so far, because I'm not the type to plan too far ahead. However, I feel it’s important for me to continue making music.

At last, do you have anything to say to your fans on
I would like to thank everyone who has supported The Colours and me and shared our thrill. You just are the best.

Good luck on 11th December, Ilira.
Thanks for your support. :D
Best regards 
 An interview by Arben Bacaj, translated from German into English

Ilira & the Colours - Home