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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Daily report 4: Videos, videos, videos

Tomorrow is the first semifinal of the Albanian National Final and on TV the festivali i këngës is highly promoted. For you we have filmed as much as we could, all videos are uploaded onto our youtube channel:

Advertisement for the Festivali i këngës

Rehearsals for the festivali i këngës
In the following video you get to see some stars rehearsing, such as Aurela Gaçe and Kejsi Tola, have a view on the stage and even hear a little bit of some songs if you listen closely. The first woman interviewed is Ingrid Rugji, who works for the first time as a dirigent in this festival and says to be proud of being part of this spectacle now and to give her very best. Kejsi Tola, presented as a former winner of this festival, states that being a winner already does not mean that it's easier to win another time. Also, first she thinks about delivering a satisfying performance and afterwards about winning. See the clip below :D

English video
The following video is in English so no need to summarize and translate it. Enjoy.

Tomorrow it's going to be all about the first semi final.

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