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Thursday 8 July 2010

Albavision poll analysis.

From 2nd of April to the first semifinal of the ESC 2010 in Oslo, we asked our visitors to take part in our polls on the right of the page and first of all: to get an overall of 120 responses in 3 polls in such a short time is quite amazing for us, as the page was totally new in web two months ago.

Our first question was: What do you think of "It's all about you"?

87% of the 47 voters in this poll answered with "It's awesome", which shouldn't be a surprise though as this page is probably mainly found and visited by either Albanians or people who love the Albanian entry 2010 in first place. Nevertheless, we can see people on this page were mainly satisfied with the Albanian selection for 2010. :D Only 4 people voted for "It' good" and two for "It's ok"/"It's bad".

And also most of the voters agreed when it came to the next question: "Where do you predict Albania to end up this year?"

Taking into account, that it's up to televoters AND juries to decide on the winner at ESC, 88% of the 43 voters said Albania will rank a "Top 10" and guessed wrong consequently, me being one of them to be honest. Only 5 people bet a position between "11th and 25th in the final" and guessed right as Albania ended up at place 16. None of the voters thought Albania would stuck in the semifinal, which did not happen either.:D

In the last question ("Will Albania benefit from the juries this year?") voters didn't agree as much as in the first two polls though.
Albania would have had achieved a 12th place if it was for Juries to decide 100% on the winner and a 17th place if only televoting had been taken into account on the final night. Therefore 60% of our voters guessed right by clicking option "Yes, they [Albania] will profit very much". The other 40% guessed wrong thinking Albania would either be voted same by televoters and juries or lose positions thanks to the juries.

THANK YOU to all voters
Have a say in the comments if you have ideas why Albania may have ended up worse than predicted by us, or if some fact struck you etc... :D

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