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Saturday 16 October 2010

Albavision becomes AlbaVision

On our search for the right look of our page and the best message to describe the blog and make it as attractive as possible, we are finally on step further. Above you can see our new logo and the font we chose for the heading. We will of course stick to our new slogan "AV - serving you with the latest news around the Albanian Eurovision scnen and more" and go on bringing every news to you we can find.
The new logo
The Festivali i këngës draws nearer and nearer and we are proud to be ready for it, wait for more big news to come from our side. The big blog picture will be redesigned too in some time, probably when we know the next Albanian representative for Düsseldorf.
Why did we chose this font? 
We wanted to find something memorable, something that makes you immediately come to think of The symbol for AV you can see on the right seemed to fit perfectly to our criteria.

We hope you like the new look of the page, more to come for sure!

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