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Friday 15 October 2010

No Albanian for Italy's possible return

Dorina Leka, who was born on 4th February 1986 in Tirana and currently lives with her family in Trieste in Italy and works as a Webdesigner, had to leave the Italian X-Factor show after the 7th show on Tuesday. She was competing in the category "Female 16-24". The X-Factor winner is said to be the representative of Italy at the ESC 2011 in Germany, IF Italy returns.
Dorina Leka
Whether Italy makes a comeback at the Eurovision Songcontest in Düsseldorf is more likely than ever, yet not sure. The only Albanian in the Italian X-Factor finals is out of the race and won't represent Italy for sure.
Let's see whether we hear news of her in some time.

Dorina Leka performs "Simply the best" at X-Factor

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