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Tuesday 8 February 2011

Aurela Gaçe: State of affairs

We're in a calm phase at the moment, due to private reasons, which does not mean we're gone. The new banner is being designed in full swing and you are going to be surprised, we promise ;)

Meanwhile,Aurela and the team around her are working hard on the Eurovision entry "Kënga ime". Did not take them long to produce the new version in LA. Aurela seems fascinated by the outcome and stated at the same time that we probably get to listen to an English version in May in Düsseldorf. After recording three versions in Albanian, English and both languages, it is yet to be decided.

The next plans contain the videoclip shoot in Albania and further steps for ESC preparations, as Aurela stated not to be focusing on any other project until the end of May.
The videoclip for the single "CA$H" will therefore maybe not be released before late spring. As for the videoclip to the new version of "Kënga ime", it is likely that it will be released by along the other official videoclips after the 13th March, when the Delegations Meeting takes place.

Soon, we'll be back in familiar full speed ahead manner.

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