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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Prepare for the weekend

We'd like to remind you on this blog's comeback this weekend, after a phase of calm blogging, due to private matters and a lack of news. With the new Song and Video of Aurela Gaçe (on 13th March!), we will signal our return with a completely new designed banner in much higher resolution, which will surprise you. We will introduce you to new family members of the AlbaVision team, who start posting news, lyrics etc. with us.
Join us on our way to Düsseldorf and don't miss to visit us for the relaunch this weekend.

Meanwhile, you can vote in the new and last poll round of this kind, where we ask you about your opinion on the current version of "Kënga ime" and whether you prefer other songs from ESC'11 to it.

In the last pollround, 2/3 of all voters gave "Kënga ime" a set of 12 points. The other 1/3 gave ratings of 3,5,7 & 10 points.
From songs of other countries our voters mostly prefered Italy, Germany and Norway to the Albanian song. Also Switzerland and Poland had many supporters. Yet the number of people stating that none country's song beats the Albanian song, was the highest.

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