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Thursday 31 March 2011

Aurela's gathers fans in Turkey and Greece

It has been a promotional week for Aurela, since her trip brought her to Turkey and Greece. We'd like to share with you all info about the two first trips, before she'll head to the Netherlands.

Senit, Yüksek Sadakat, Aurela (click for fullview)

Along Senit, the representative of San Marino in Düsseldorf, Aurela was invited for promotional matters to Turkey, where they met with Turkey's band for Germany "Yüksek Sadakat" (By the way: In this video interview from a week before, front singer of the Turkish band stated his personal favourites. At 10:47 he says Albania is amongst them, that the song has a nice ethnic touch and a good singer. Other faves: Norway, Italy, Norway and Ireland).
The programme in Turkey contained a trip around the place, a performance in a TV show and a joint meal of the 3 countries.

On promotional tour
Aurela was invited by the Greek Channel AlphaTV in their "Kous-Kous-to-Mesimeri"-Show. Click here to see the english interview, in which she presents herself. The presenter tells Aurela to belong to one of the "Top Songs" for Düsseldorf. Aurela tells that she makes sure to keep away such news from her to feel more comfortable. This is the first time we get to see Aurela performing the new English version, unfortunately not live and not fully as the show ended before the song did. On the same show one day later, the presenter mentioned Aurela once more to recount how amazed she was by Aurela's voice.
Later she was off for greetings and interviews with the greek OGAE, and more...

As we are talking about rumours it may be the right time to mention an article of, where it is said Aurela would belong to one of Lena's 4 biggest competitors according to an artice of the German popular online newspaper also taking her face into the picture of the article. We've searched for that German article and couldn't find it.
However, Aurela Gaçe and her song seem to collect more fans around Europe.
More news on her promotion until May to follow, stay tuned...

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