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Saturday 14 May 2011

Aurela tricks Eurovision rule!

Today, Aurela finally made some statement to her fans about her disqualification in the semi final.
She says not to be sad about not entering the final but about the fact that the first 5 countries had a handicap thanks to the organizers, who have already made their excuses to the Albanian delegation. That's the way it goes sometimes, she knows and says to have given her best on stage, to be proud to have represented Albaniaand that she really liked all the reactions to her performance from fans and others.

Already pregnant in the rehearsal
But this is not everything she had to tell us. After not being part of ESC anymore, she revealed to her fans today a secret. She has been on the ESC stage breaking the rule that there are only 6 persons allowed on stage. Yes, Aurela indeed may be the first one to be on the ESC stage with a seventh person, since that rule was introduced, as today she proudly announced to be pregnant!

At least in this way the Albanian performance in Düsseldorf was something special and historical.

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