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Wednesday 11 May 2011

No final for Albania in 2011

After a desastrous first semi final show, with loads of technical problems in almost for almost every broadcasting country, 10 countries managed to qualify for the big final night on Saturday.
Albania, being on starting position 3, represented by Aurela Gaçe and her song "Feel the passion" did not belong to the lucky qualifiers. The performance on the night was nevertheless very nice and we believe that the fan predictions were right, that Albania only slightly missed the final with a position from 11th-13th.

Live performance at the ESC Semi final one

More surprisingly for most must have been the failures from Turkey and Armenia to qualify. And for me personally that Norway did not qualify. Together with Poland and Albania these countires opened the show and were effected most by technical problems (especially Norway as you can see in this video of the Spanish broadcaster), thus none qualifying to the final show. Today the EBU will hold a conference in which these technical issues will be discussed, whilst it is to be expected that no further decisions considering the qualifiers will be made.

We can only hope that the second semi final will not be having those problems.

Further analysis of the outcome will be made after Saturday, when we know the split voting of Jury and Televote!

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