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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Albavision Summerhit competition 2010

Not much time and the summer season 2010 is over. In Albania and Kosovo we have had a couple of new songs, trying to be a summerhit; some more, some less successful.
From these songs two particular come from former "Festivali i Këngës" stars. Those two songs are now duelling for the title of the "2010 Albavision Summerhit", which can only be awarded to artists which are related to the Albanian National final for the Eurovision Songcontest.

We present you the two songs and in the next 4 weeks you get the time to vote for the song you liked more in the poll on the right.

And here are our two nominees:

Summerhit 1: Elvana Gjata - A ke ti zemer

Elvana Gjata has participated in the Festivali i Këngës 2003 with the song "Pranë teje", the edition Anjeza Shahini won. She failed passing the semifinal though. Nevertheless it was a begin of a very successful career, being nowadays one of the most known and popular Albanian Pop and RnB singers. This summer her song "A ke ti zemer" (Do you have [a] heart) was another huge hit and therefore rightly in our duell for our title 'Summerhit 2010'

Competitor No.1: Elvana Gjata - A ke ti zemer

Summerhit 2: Aurela Gaçe ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale 

Here we have the competition for Elvana, the team around Aurela Gaçe, who is an Albanian Icon and the winner of the "Festivali i Këngës 1999 & 2001". 36 years young Aurela has landed an outstanding hit this year, with "Origjinale" and Dr.Flori, who compsed the song and Marsel, who was not formely known in the music scene before. The song can be heard out of every second car in the streets and a strong contestant for the title. Whether it's the song or the voice or Marsel that made the song become that popular is wildly discussed by fans of the song. Make up your own mind.

Competitor No2: Aurela Gaçe ft Dr.Flori & Marsel - Origjinale 

You can vote now in the poll on the right side an tell us which one's your favourite. Additionally, the comment section below is there for any other reaction you'd like to share :D

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