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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Back from the summer break!

Hello, back in Germany, enters a new phase, be prepared for more articles and features in the next weeks.

But for now, i shall show you a new Albanian cover version of "Dum Tek Tek", the Turkish Eurovision Songcontest song in 2009. The song was covered by famous Montenegrin-Albanian singer Nikolle Nikprelaj, who is known to sing traditional albanian folk music.
His style of singing might sound strangely to non-Albanians, but it's pretty popular on the home market.
Make your own idea of the Albanian version of "Dum tek tek"!

Exclusively on for you: The lyrics and translation of the refrain

bashku t'a kalojmë sonte për gëzuar me përqafim
Une jam zemra jote e ti je shpirti im.
bashku të vallzojmë sonte me kë rritëm dum tek tek
djeg kjo buza jote, sa herë puth e më prek.

Together we'll spend this night for fun with embracement
I am your heart and you are my soul.
Together we'll dance tonight to this 'dum tek tek' rhythm
Your lips burn me, everytime you kiss and touch me.

Btw, that is Montenegrin Albanian :) which differs in some parts from original Albanian, f.e. that in Montenegro the Albanians use 'e' instead of 'dhe' for the word and.

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  1. Arben, I guess you are from Montengro..
    Nice way to promote Nikolle Nikprelaj. haha

    Oh I just voted for Olta Boka in that poll. ;-)


  2. You are right, I am also Montenegrin Albanian :)
    but of course i published this article, because of the relation to esc not to montenegro hehe ;)