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Thursday 26 August 2010

News of the Albanian ESC Stars...

First news comes from the Albanian local magazine "Anabel", which held an Interview with Ledina Celo (Esc 05), who seems to have returned to Albania, after being part of a british dance show and recording the single "Dangerous" which was remixed by Scotty, a famous DJ.
Photo of the magazine "Anabel"
In the interview she told the magazine that she would like to take part more in Albanian music competitions in near future. Whether the next "Festivali i kenges" belongs to one of these Festivals is yet unknown. contacted Ledina and is yet waiting for a respond. Ledina Celo's come back in FK?
Also, she has released a new single called "Superstretching". The song can be listened to and bought here.

Frederik Ndoci
Second news comes from Frederik Ndoci (Esc 07) who is tonight giving his last concert in Velipoje (Northalbania) in the club "Kapiten Zhik" which after own statements more than 35.000 people visited this summer season, many also from Kosovo.

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