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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Olta Boka's new song, a duet with her father.

Olta Boka, Albanian representative of 2008 in Belgrade, recorded a new song together with her father. The folk music orientated song "Tak tak, ja bën tek porta" (English: Knock Knock, on the door) was performed on the "Festivali Maratona e këngës popullore" where mostly folk music songs are presented.
Also other former "Festivali i këngës (FK)" performer take part in this festival, such as Aurela Gace (FK Winner '99 & '01) and Irma and Eranda Libohova (FKWinners '87).

The performance in low quality here (updatet with better quality as soon as online)

"Oh lë te flasin, ato që dua une do ta marr"

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