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Monday 23 August 2010

Poll analysis summer 2010

Our 3 polls on the right side are closed now and with 21 voters taking part in question one, the polls weren't as lively discussed as the ones before the Eurovision Songcontest, which is normal due to post-ESC-season and our own summerbreak.
Anyway, here is the outcome of the polls which may be repeated again in the beginning of next year:

Our first question was "What was your favourite Albanian ESC song?" 
Albanias first representative and the most succesful Albanian entry to date, "The image of you" by Anjeza Shahini, is still one of the most popular Albanian songs in many international polls. Surprisingly only 1 of 21 voters said this song was his favourite. Another person said "Zjarr e ftohte" of 2006 by Luiz Ejlli was his favourite, leaving these two songs with each 4% of all votes on place 4 of the ranking. Only the 2007 entry "Hear my plea" had less votes and therefore zero. With each 9% of all votes "Tomorrow I go" and "Carry me in your dreams" share place 3. 
Albavision-Queen 2010
With 5 votes (23%) "Zemren e lame peng" by Olta Boka is the 2nd most favourited Albanian ESC song by the Albavision visitors.
The golden medal goes to wonderful Juliana Pasha and "It's all about you" with almost 50% of the votes! The song still seems to have a massive effect on our visitors. If Juliana can keep the position #1 next year when another artist is the most recent Albanian represantive, we'll find out in 2011. Congrats to Juliana for now!

Complete Albavision popularity ranking 2010:

1) Juliana Pasha - It's all about you - 2010
2) Olta Boka - Zemren e lame peng - 2008
3) Ledina Celo - Tomorrow I go - 2005
    Kejsi Tola - Carry me in your dreams - 2009
4) Anjeza Shahini - The image of you - 2004
    Luiz Ejlli - Zjarr e ftohte - 2006
5) Frederik Ndoci - Hear my plea - 2007

The other two questions had to less responds to do a real analysis at this point. But as said, in the actual ESC-Season we will post these questions again :D

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