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Saturday 28 August 2010

Exclusive: Dorina Garuci Interview!

Dorina Garuci: "Still don't know if I'm going to participate this year again"

Dorina Garuci
Dorina Garuci, participant in the last two "Festivali i kenges", the Albanian National Final for the Eurovision Songcontest, talks with us about her previous experiences on the FK stage and future plans.
She was participant in the Albanian "Idol" version and was together with Kejsi Tola (Esc 09) under in the final round. In 2 years she has already made a name in the Albanian music scene and it's our pleasure to promote this fantastic voice on our page.
Read the full interview translated from Albanian into English below.

Hi Dorina, last year it has been your second participation in the "Festivali i kenges". Could you imagine to represent Albania at the ESC one day?
For me it has been a pleasure to take part in this festival. Surely, the live singing has attracted me to take part.

Fans of the ESC who have listened to the song "Sekreti i dashurise" in the National final last year said that the song had similarities to the Song "Hero" by Charlotte Perelli from Sweden in ESC 2008. Have already heard "Hero" and what do you say about those rumours?
I have heard of these rumours and also listened to the song "Hero", but i can tell you that all in all there are 7 notes similar, which lets both songs seem "confusingly" similar. The harmony of the two songs though, is different from one each other. It means, that maybe the songs may seem similar to the untrained ear of the mass, but for the professional musician it is simply a coincidence, as the harmonies of the songs are completely different.

Will we see you on the FK stage this december again?
I still don't know if I'm going to participate this year again, because it is one intense year for me as I am in my last school year and i have to invest much into it. Nevertheless, we'll see the offers. :)

From RTSH till now we haven't received any information about the dates of the next Festivali.i.K. You as an artist, do you have any information yet about the next edition of the F.K.?
About the dates I only know that the closeline for songsubmissions is in mid-October, while the FK nights will take place probably in Mid-December.

What are other future plans of you? Want to greet your fans of
Most recently we have produced a clip to the song "Me ty prane zemres". To all my fans, I hope you'll like it :)

Thank you very much for the interview !     

   Dorina Garuci - Sekreti i dashurise - Festivali i kenges 2009

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